Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Sampler is finished.

Doing the last two motifs didn't take too long, so the sampler is finished, well almost, it still needs a frame, will see if I can make that over the weekend, I have the perfect piece of wood with a very small grain pattern that I think will look great for a frame.

The sampler lying on top of the magazine page.

And a close-up, I am very pleased with my first charting efforts, but this is not as easy as it might look, I have gained a new respect for people that makes charts for miniature embroidery.



Alexandra said...

That is very beautiful.I hope to go make something like that too someday, but it seems to me difficult.
Tare he colors brilliant.
very nice.

Kind regards,Alexandra

Kleine Vingers said...

Looks lovely.
Miniature greetings

Ilona said...

Elga, your efforts are rewarded with this result, this is amazing work :D! I like to see when it is framed.
Een hele fijne dag gewenst, Ilona

Giac said...

Hello Elga,
You did it again! you always blow me away with the amazing detail. It was a wonderful project, but now that it's all done I just love it. Great work my friend.
Big hug,

Catherine said...

It is gorgeous Elga. I can't imagine how you reduce a patterns number of stitches to make a miniature but you did it perfectly.
Well worth all the hours you spent on it. ;-))

otterine said...

It turned out wonderfully! Bravo!

Fabiola said...

Bye Faby

Gee said...

I am convinced it is not an easy job to do but it is a wonderful sampler, Elga!
AND a unique one..

Natalia's Fine Needlework said...

Elga, congratulations on your first design adaptation! I am nosy, what's next? By the way, have silk arrived already or what? Mini hugs, Natalia

Fi.P said...

Just beautiful Elga.
I really don't think I would have the patients and delicate hand to do such fine work. Your efforts are your usual high standard.


Susi said...

Es precioso Elga, lo adoro¡¡
Eres una miniaturista increible¡¡¡
un beso

malu2 said...

Muy bonito!! me gusta mucho!!
Besos de las Malu´s.

John said...

Elga, your sampler is a triumph! It is an extraordinary piece that anyone would covet for their dollhouse walls.


Mini Southern Millworks said...

Very nice Mrs. Elga simply amazing.

miraclechicken said...

It turned out beautiful Elga :)

latchkey and jonquil said...

Oh, wow, you certainly powered through that! What quick and perfect stitching - where are you going to put it in your house?


mcddiss said...

que bonito trabajo