Furniture Making Book Reviews

Here is a list of books that I have found very helpful along the way in learning to make furniture, I will rate them from basic for the novice to advanced for those of you who are looking for a challenge. A lot of them will be out of print but there I am sure you will be able to find secondhand ones on Amazon etc.

A. Miniature books in 1/12 scale

1. Dolls House Furniture by Freida Gray ISBN: 1861082584
For the novice who has never made miniature furniture and is looking for an easy start.

2.Making Dolls House Interiors by Carol and Nigel Lodder ISBN: 0715306154
Very good book for the beginner, something from Tudor to Modern, building room boxes also included, even some upholstery. A lot of the furniture in my Victorian Kitchen comes from this book. I highly recommend this book as a first book, no difficult joints but lots of nice furniture in here for every room of the house.

3. Reproducing Period Furniture and Accessories in Miniature by Virginia Merrill and Susan Merrill Richardson ISBN:0517538164
A must if you like period furniture, also lots of charts for petit point, more complex furniture but still easy joints. An older book, so mostly black and white photos, also has chapters on American furniture periods history. A good book all round and suitable for the more experienced furniture maker who still doesn't want to use traditional joints.