Sunday, October 28, 2012

Portrait Miniature

I knew there was an antique fair in Johannesburg today, but kind of pushed it out of my mind. At around noon hubby came back from a camp he went on over the weekend and asked if I felt like going out for a bit, so I said yes, I won't mind a quick walk through the fair, they do finish at two. Well, am I ever so glad for that suggestion, just look what I found.

A miniature portrait of apparently Mary Queen of Scots painted in the late 1800's, I got her for a very reasonable price, I think because of the damaged ivory frame, pieces on the edges are missing or badly cracked and also peeling off. She only measures 55mm by 45mm (2 1/8" by 1 3/4") together with the small inner brass frame. With the outer frame it is a bit big for a dollhouse, so I am thinking of trying to save the inner ivory oval frame and re-framing that part and then save the other bits of ivory for a nice little box, the dark parts of the frame looks like tortoiseshell to me.

Hope you all had as good a Sunday as I did with this nice little surprise.


Catherine said...

What a wonderful find. It is a beautiful portrait! I think they do come out of those ivory frames. Though I am not sure how easy it is. She would be lovely in a miniature room. I look forward to seeing what you do with it.

mcddiss said...

que buena adquisicion



Audra said...

What a nice unexpected find!

Fabiola said...

It's a wonderful piece.
Bye Faby

Helen said...

Your little portrait is simply gorgeous Elga! It would look heavenly in your room! x

Tatiana said...

Какая красота!
Такая драгоценность вызывает трепет в сердце!

Linda said...

That is a lovely piece. I am actually reading a novel about Mary Queen of Scots' life (by Margaret George). Very interesting lady!

Andy said...

Hi Elga,

what a great find, how lucky you decided to go in the end! Yes I am sure you will be able to salvage the central part, and the ivory and tortoise shell will be put to very good use I am sure!!

I also want to say how truly stunning your sampler is! I have just seen it and I adore it! You are a fine craftsperson!!


Mini Southern Millworks said...

Very nice Elga looking forward to seeing what you do with it.


otterine said...

A lovely find! :D

miraclechicken said...

Nice find! Exciting--

Debora said...

great find, enjoy it

Gee said...

I am in total awe, what a stunning find!
The collar and headpiece are so precisely painted and the colors are just superb.
Wow Elga, I am in a lack of words to express the sheer beauty of this.
Lucky you!!

John said...

THAT is a great find! I would love to see the setting she ends up in!

Giac said...

Hello Elga,
What a ghreat find. It is just ebautifula nd I can't wait to see how you'll transform the pieces.
Big hug,

latchkey and jonquil said...

Hi Elga,

she's absolutely beautiful; a great find. I love browsing antique fairs and brocantes, it's amazing what you can dig out.

And I am especially fond of miniature portraits, they are perfect in 12th scale, but also have a charm of their own. I wonder what the history of yours is...


Anneke said...

oh how lucky you dedided to go anyway! It's such a lovely and good condition one too (eventhough the frame had some damage)
I agree with the other, curious to see how you'll put it to use!