Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Lots of little pieces

I spent this morning casting a few tiny dolls, the first time in my life that I did this, in my way distant past life as a doll maker I just used to buy the greenware, molds are too expensive if you only plan to make a doll once. I am exhausted right now, I think from the intense concentration when you take them out of the mold and then trim them, you have to be so careful not too squash them and those little limbs are tiny.

Now they need to be soft-fired and cleaned before the bisque firing, only then can you start painting them. Porcelain shrinks a bit in the bisque firing so they will be even smaller after the firing. Oh, boy, now I have to clean my kiln that I haven't used in more than 10 years and see if I can still remember how to set it up for a firing.

I made a little bit of progress on the sampler, I am really enjoying stitching this one.



Dorien Litjes said...

Dear Elga,
The doll parts look wonderful. I'm very nosy to see the end result.
Greetings Dorien.

Catherine said...

Oh boy! Those dolls are tiny. I am sure cleaning them up at this stage is difficult. I can't wait to see what happens next. ;-)

The sampler is really coming along and so pretty!

Helen said...

Wow! Your dolls look amazing, so beautifully detailed!
Your sampler is stunning Elga - it grows more beautiful each time I see it! x

Idske said...

I love the sampler, just such perfect colours! Isn't it scary getting the parts out of the mould! A hairdryer helps with the bigger parts, but it might dry out the small limbs too much.

Thank you for commenting on my latest post!

Gee said...

That must be nerve wrecking, working on such tiny dolls; by the way, just love the wallpaper in the background!

I like watching that sampler develop. The colors you use are attractive and the figures you embroider tiny treasures.

Ilona said...

De poppen zien er nu al mooi uit. Dus je hebt in het verleden grotere poppen gemaakt, maar niet de poppenhuispoppen? Je borduurwerk ziet er steeds mooier uit. Wat knap toch dat je het patroon verkleind hebt en het er dan nog net zo mooi uitziet.
Groeten, Ilona

elly in amsterdam said...

Love the little dolls ! i would,love to make dolls, as well, but they would have to be polymer, I am afraid, as a kiln would not be very practical in a flat :-) . Stilll, I really do hope to start making some myself one day. The endless cleaning& firing will be hard I suppose.

Good luck on the nice sampler, it looks wonderful ! Are you incorporating Yoda's name, too ? :-)

Cheers, Elly

Mini Southern Millworks said...

So tiny you are a person of many talents Elga.


Margaret said...

I look forward to seeing your tiny dolls finished,I have made porcelain dolls in class some years ago and remember how nervous I was not break them when cleaning the soft porcelain. Love your embroidery, I will have to give it a go too one day.

Mariana said...

Hello, Elga!
The dolls look amazing!!!
And I love the cat in yor sampler.
Hugs from Brazil,

Giac said...

Hell oElga,
I admire that you jump in and try soemthing new. I don't know if i'd have the patience to try making dolls. They are looking very good. can't wait to see them fired...good luck with that.
The embroidery is just lovely. Again, you always amaze me.
Big hug,

Steinworks said...

I love those cute little dolls and I can't wait to see how you paint them.

Marisa :)

Fi.P said...

There really is no end to your talents.

Those little dolls are so sweet and tiny. It looks like a whole family. I can imagine how the concentration got to you they are so delicate, especially the hands and feet.

Hugs, Fi xx

miraclechicken said...

Wow those dolls are tiny! I bet it's fun to cast them. I can't wait to see them finished too.
Your sampler is wonderful so far---

Maria Blanca "AyamontinoMaria" said...

Elga, the doll parts look very detailed!I am sure them this work is very difficult.I wait to see the next step...The sampler is a great work, a masterpiece, congratulations! Hugs

Josje said...

Aha, you got the dolls out! Yes they are tiny, but you're good at that ;-) Did you get the oven working yet?

My emails to you are coming back as undeliverable Elga, could you email me again please, maybe from another address?

John said...

It's really astounding that you can work so well within so many divers mediums! Hope you got the kiln fired up. And the sampler is nothing short of incredible...

Sandie said...

Are the dolls 1:12th scale Elga? They look lovely. Perhaps when you become used to doing these you might try some 1:24th scale ones -I am just moving into that scale for houses and would like some dolls......:-) The sampler progresses beautifully. Mini hugs Sandie.

Megan Wallace said...

I am making some little dolls today. Using a press mold that I made myself and polymer clay though, wish I knew how to do proper porcelain dolls. Yours look like they are going to turn out great!