Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Chippendale chairs: Finished!!!!

Wow, after 4 months, the 6 Chippendale chairs are finished and on their way to their final destination in England. Here are a few photos of them in my dollhouse, sometime next year I want to make a set of chairs for my dining room and a table, but not the same as these ones.

The six chairs.

Around the table.

This was the first time that I put the Stokesay dinnerware on the table since I bought them earlier this year, I need a few more wine glasses and a few other things.

The bottom of one of the chairs, showing the little brass plates with my name that my husband makes for me to sign my work with.

And a few photos of my Spring Garden, although summer has definitely started these last few days with very hot temperatures.

You can see my workroom's window on the right side of the tree, on the left of the tree is a huge outdoor room that we call a "stoep" in South Africa. We eat many suppers here on hot summer days and all festive days like Christmas and so on are celebrated on the "stoep".

We had an unusual amount of rain this spring and my iceberg roses rewarded me with an amazing display of roses.

Have a wonderful week.


Irene said...

Your chairs are marvellous and I think the recipient will be suitably impressed.

Lovely garden too - how nice to sit in your workroom and look out at all that!

Catherine said...

Those are the most beautiful dinning room chairs I have EVER seen! I love African Blackwood! It has such a tight grain and the best part is the finish you can get on it.

Your customer is going to adore them. I suppose she is going to stitch some chair seats. They sure deserve it!!!

Catherine said...

OOPS! I forgot to mention your gorgeous garden. Those roses are lovely! Everything looks so well kept and perfect. XXX

otterine said...

Gorgeous work!!!! I applaud you, my friend! :D

elvira said...

Le sei sedie in miniatura sono meravigliose ..!!!bellissimo lavoro ..!!!
Complimenti anche per il tuo giardino pieno di fiori splendidi ..!!!

Sanschichis said...

Elles sont réellement magnifiques! Quel beau travail! La personne qui les attend à bien de la chance d'avoir trouvé LA miniaturiste capable de les réussir!

Alexandra said...

The chairs are wonderful.
I love the coler.
And what a gorgeous garden you have.
Kind regards, Alexandra.

Idske said...

Your chairs are beautiful! Wasn't it hard to part with them?

Love your garden! I've been to South Africa twice and the landscape is just stunning and so are the gardens there; yours is no exception!

Anneke said...

The chairs in their final form are spectacular! The new owner must be in seventh heaven with these! I love your little name plate on the bottom.

Your pretty garden makes me realize I miss sitting outside in a sunlit garden!

miraclechicken said...

Your chairs are exquisite! Beautiful work--and beautiful garden :)

Ray W said...

Hello Elga!
The chairs are simply beautifully made.
Someone is very fortunate to be getting them.
Your garden is gorgeous! How lovely Christmas must be there.
Good Wishes ffrom Ray

sandi quance said...

Your chairs are absolute perfection! Lucky recipient!!

All the best XXX

Chas Brennan said...

Elga, just one Chippendale chair would be amazing - but a set of six!Congratulations on your brilliant work. Chas

John said...

OMG, I am so impressed by your work --and your gorgeous garden! Your roses are extraordinary!

Daydreamer said...

Wow, Elga! What an amazing amount of work.... and Fantastic Results!!! Your chairs are Stunning! I am so in Awe of your building skills!!! Someday I hope to learn to do even half as good a job as you do!!! Your dedication to perfection is very Inspiring!
And it is so good to see Roses in Bloom.... our gardens are all bare for the winter now!

Gee said...

What a lovely garden you have!
Quite romantic and chic, with those white flowers all over.
The chairs you made are beautiful and I never expected anything else.
And what a lovely detail, that little plate with your name on it!
I agree with Idske isn´t it hard to part from something you worked so hard on?

Eliza said...

Beautiful! I'm sure the customer will be thrilled! Now I'm curious what type of chairs you picture for your own dollhouse. Your roses look lovely as well!

latchkey and jonquil said...

They are absolutely fantastic, just a whole other level of craftsmanship - well done! I love your little brass signature plaques, hopefully (not to far) in the future they will be real collector's items!

And I am so jealous of your springtime sun and flowers! My garden is looking sad and grey, everything going to sleep for the long and very cold, snowy winter here.... so thank you for a little bit of sunshine!


mcddiss said...

esas sillas son una maravilla, trabajas la madera de una manera impresionante , y tu jardin es precioso



Ilona said...

You've made gorgeous chairs, I've never seen African Blackwood before, it looks beautiful! Your customer will treasure them, that's for sure :D!
Your garden looks great with the beautiful white roses, Elga.
Groetjes, Ilona

Karolyn said...

The chairs are FABULOUS!

Dorien Litjes said...

Dear Elga,

The chairs are amazing. You make wonderful masterpieces. The mark is looking great also.
Strange to read that's summer at your place. Here winter is coming. So no roses in my garden at the moment.
Hugs Dorien.

Giac said...

Hello Elga,
Pefection! those chairs are just amgnificent. They are so realistic and every part is scaled beautifully. You did a fantastic job! I love that dinner set. It looks perfect in the room and I am beyond jealous of your roses.
Big hug,

Rebecca said...

The chairs are beautiful. You are amazing to me. I have always loved minitures since I was a little girl and purchased my first lamp at Worlds of Fun back in the 70's.
They use to have a minitures shop there. It was my favorite place in the park.
Watching your progress on pieces and following your blog has rekindled my love of these pieces.

Andy said...

Hello Elga, I have watched the progress on these chairs with great interest over the past few months, and am truly amazed at all the fine workmanship! The finished chairs look stunning, especially in your dolls house, which it was nice to see more of by the way! I love the Stokesey Ware dinner service, I want one of those myself, but budgets have to be watched carefully as you know yourself! ;o) Until then I can look at yours handsomely laid out on your table!

Pedrete said...

Enhorabuena, Elga!! No sé como se puede conseguir tanta perfección en un objeto tan pequeño. Me maravilla cada nuevo trabajo que realiza, son todos maravillosos.

¡Un abrazo enorme y enhorabuena!

miniacollection said...

Beautiful chairs! Your room is beautiful and the accessories are real treasures.

Diego De marco said...

Good morning Elga... I have a queastion: How can I reproduce this Chippendale chairs? What kind of instrument I have to use?
Thank you so much for your kindness.