Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Stitching for the Casket

After a month of first truck driver strikes and then postal strikes that halted postal delivery for more than 3 weeks, some long awaited parcels are slowly trickling in. Last Friday brought one that I really was longing for, 90 count silk gauze that I was hoping to use for stitching the casket panels, depending on whether I could see it. The good news is that I can see the gauze or more importantly the holes quite well with my combination of glasses and magnifier lamp.

I spend the last few days stitching a small piece from the chart just to see which combination of threads would work the best and I am pretty pleased with the results.

Believe it or not but there are 930 stitches in that tiny piece, I am thinking of making a small trinket box and putting this little piece in a recess on the lid. The eyes are French knots and the mouth a back-stitch that I added after the petit point was finished. And in case you can't figure it out, it is a lady in her tent, actually to be precise Potifpar's wife from the Old Testament story of Josef, I have always liked that story and decided to stitch it as close as possible to the original casket in the MET museum, you can see the full scale casket back here.

And here you can see where it will be more less in the final piece of stitching on the back of the casket. I was pleasantly surprised that it took me only about 6 hours to stitch, that is 150 stitches per hour, I thought it would take much longer.



sera xi's said...

es realmente increible!!!! dios mio que trabajo!!!! felicidades


Giac said...

Hello Elga,
I'm happy your package finally came. Once again just looking at your incredibly detailed micro work makes my fingers ache. It looks wonderful and I can't wait to see the box finished.
Big hug,

Catherine said...

I sure understand and sympathize with your frustrations about postal services. I am glad your parcel finally arrived. ;-)

I knew right away it was a woman in a tent. You have done another great job translating a bigger design to a tiny piece of petite point.

CWPoppets said...

You are creating an incredible piece! I can't wait for the finished piece. I admire your patience and ... eyesight! ;-)

Gee said...

I admire your patience and eyesight too.
My limit is 60 count, using glasses and a magnifier.
And even then it is a struggle.
This is just surreal, THAT tiny!
I like your choice of subject, it is never easy or obvious but always jaw dropping.

latchkey and jonquil said...

wow, such a small count! You have very neat stitches, and I love the colour shading. can't wait to see the rest!


John said...

150 stitches per hour?! Elga, you are a machine!!! And it 'only' took six hours? What patience you have --and what a lovely work of art.


Daydreamer said...

Your Stitching is AWESOME! I LOVE the tiny details you are making!

mcddiss said...

menudo trabajo , te ha quedado de impresion



Fi.P said...

That is amazing! Those stitches are so fine I'm amazed you could see it at all.

Just gorgeous!!

Ml Fi xx

Fabiola said...

Bye Faby

Debora said...


miraclechicken said...

wowowow!!! I love it, amazingly tiny and detailed---

Mini Southern Millworks said...

Soooooo tiny I have to use my glasses just to look at the picture.

very nice work Elga....


Su Wen said...

Amazing works and very beautiful!!!