Friday, November 2, 2012

Arm Rests for the Chippendale Chair

When I made the first batch of chairs I never showed you how I made the arm rests, I am almost finished with an order of six of them and thought I would show you how I made the arm rests.

First of all 5 of the chairs, at this stage the front leg assembly is still not glued into the back legs.

Here you can see the jig for the arm stumps, the tricky part was cutting away the wood on the blank where it  joins onto the side of the chair rail, it needed to be at an angle and cut away before I pin-routed the final shape. I marked the line on the jig with a permanent marker and then worked out the angle.

I then cut a scrap piece of wood with that angle and placed it in the back of my drill press, I positioned the cutter for the final length of the cut out and then cut away little slivers at a time until the wood hit the stop in the groove on the drill press table. In the photo you can see the blackwood piece is still being cut while the mopane one in the front has been cut all the way.

Of course half of the arms needed to be a mirror image, so after I cut half of my blanks I flipped the angled piece of wood over and positioned it in the left corner of the drill press.

Next I pin-routed out the shapes, forgetting to take photos, oh well, here is one finished and glued to the arm rest just to show you how the line I drew on the jig lines up with the cutout on the arm stump. One thing I had to remember to do, was to cut half of the blanks with the cutout facing up and the other half with the cutout facing down in order to get a left and a right arm stump.

And in this photo you can see why I kept those funny little ears on the crest rail of the chair, I needed them so that I could put the chair back squarely onto the table of the drill press while cutting the slot in the back legs where the arm rest fits in.

The funny little ears are gone now! I am planning on scrutinizing my carving on the back again, sanding the back where needed, then gluing in the front leg assembly and then do the final fitting of the arm rest, it needs a bit of fine-tuning. Sometime next week I will do a step by step post on gluing this chair together which needed careful thinking out because of all the angles, there are only two 90 degree joints in this chair.

Enjoy the weekend.


Debora said...

Nice to see them 'come together'. They look very good! Best of luck on the final stages, can't wait to see them with a finish

Sanschichis said...

Magnifique! Voilà un petit moment que j'avais très envie de les voir ces chaises! Quel joli modèle et quel beau travail!

Ray W said...

Hello Elga!
I just had to tell you how much I admire your talent for furniture making. Your chairs are exquisite!
I am in awe of those who can create work like this. Well done!
Good wishes to you from Ray

Giac said...

Hello Elga,
Thank you so much for your posts. It's so wonderful to have such a terrific instructor to help and guide. You know I love your work,but the way you explain your methods is so incredibly appreciated.
Big hug,

Idske said...

Thank you for explaining it all so clearly. It really helps when thinking about how furniture could fit together in miniature. I'm sure, the resulting chairs will be treasured!

Natalie Wilson said...

Wow, the chairs are superb. Your attention to detail is amazing. You must have incredible patience to complete a project like this.

Catherine said...

Every time I see these chairs I am so impressed by the beautiful design and your skill. I look forward to seeing these finished.

Tatiana said...

Я восхищена Вашим талантом и мастерством!

Contrastes-Rosa Mª said...

Me encanta ver las maravillas que haces con madera, las sillas tanto el diseño como la realización son fantásticas, gracias por mostrarlo :)

John said...

Is there anything you cannot do superbly, Elga?! Your chairs are sensational and I am jealous of your arsenal of tools in your shop. Have a great weekend!

Ilona said...

Elga, I am in awe: exquisite work! I am looking forward to see them finished.
Groetjes, Ilona

Gee said...

The chairs look great already;
Thanks for the how-to and succes in finishing them!

Mini Southern Millworks said...

All i can say is ...... WOW !!!!!

mcddiss said...

me parece un trabajo dificilisimo, y tu lo haces espectacular , un trabajo precioso



miraclechicken said...

So very interesting! Beautiful work and thanks for the how-to :)
Can't wait to see more---

Anneke said...

It's wonderfull to see the process pictures and description. It gives great insight and is very inspiring! The result is allready looking so incredibly good!

Josje said...

It is so good to see how you've made these chairs. Which jigs you've used, how you've solved problems...

I want to have a go at making the chairs for my dining room as well and with the help of your posts ( and perhaps an email or two....) I think I may be able to do it. Don't know if they'll be anywhere near as good as yours though, but that doesn't matter. It will be quite a learning curve!

Fi.P said...

Your patients and dedication to perfection are amazing!!

The chairs are absolutely stunning!

Fi xx

Architecture of Tiny Distinction said...

WOW Elga,

I have just started following your blog, and these are fantastic! I will be glad to pick up some tips!!