Friday, November 23, 2012

Casket Progress

I just want to say thank you to everyone who so regularly leaves comments on my posts and for cheering me on. The Chippendale chairs has arrived safely at their destination I am pleased to say.

In the mean time I have been working on the caskets and here are a few photos. I have decided to build them finished in batches of two, of course the first two will take longer as I am cutting the parts for all twenty at the same time. So far each casket has a total of 21 pieces.

Here the sliding panel lying on the left is finished now on the inside and I have started to work on the inside of the top compartment. The back is already glued in and the sides, base paper and front is ready to be glued into place. The real caskets had no joints and was held together with glue and the paper, but to put the paper into the miniature one after gluing together would be almost impossible, so the mini one does have grooves everywhere and the paper is glued in place first. The squares on my cutting mat are one inch square, so that gives you a pretty good idea on the size of the caskets.

The sides and fronts of the top compartment glued into place, the blue casket has the sliding panel in place and the pink casket shows you what is going on behind the sliding panel.

The back of the caskets, the sides and back of the top compartment rises slightly above the casket itself, the lid will fit around here, the antique ones were made like this.

The top compartment finished, well almost, it will still get a few more pieces that will be removable to reveal a secret compartment and a secret drawer. In front of the blue casket you can see all the pieces that makes up the top compartment as it looks now. The small slot in the back behind the hollowed out divider is meant for keeping that special love letter.

Top view of the casket, if you look carefully, you can see two small pieces of wood covered with paper on the long sides of the center front compartment, a lift out box will rest on the wood pieces and create a secret hidey hole beneath.

Have a great weekend everybody


Catherine said...

The first thing that struck me were the grooves you cut in those extremely thin pieces. Such precision work is necessary to insure that box all puzzles together. I love the in scale marbled paper.

I bet you were relieved to hear your chairs arrived safely. I am glad to hear it too!

miraclechicken said...

ooo they're pretty! And interesting--

Giac said...

Hello Elga,
They are just great!
It amazes me that you can do so much intricate and accurate detail so small...and the scale is perfect.
Awsome work.
Big hug,

Fabiola said...

Wonderful! I like the colors.
Bye Faby

Irene said...

Excellent work and the marbled paper looks just right.

John said...

Your precision is flawless...and your work is always aspirational, Elga!

Mariana said...

Hi, Elga!
Very nice these caskets! Beautiful work! :)
Have a great weekend!

Eliza said...

Love all the little compartments you are adding! I found (full size) marbled paper at the flea market this past weekend. I bought a sheet thinking that there was some back-burner project I needed it for. Got it home, only to realize that there was no real project, I only had marble papers on my mind because of your beautiful caskets! Whoops!

PILAR6373 said...

Que maravilla y que detallado,me encantará verlos terminados!!

Sanschichis said...

J'adore l'idée du tiroir secret! Ce ne doit pas être facile de coller ce très joli papier sans déformer le bois.

mcddiss said...

estan quedando muy bien y son tan pequeños , un trabajo impresionante



Gee said...

Hello Elga,
I thoroughly enjoy your step by step explanation.
And of course that secret compartment tickles my imagination; everyone should have one!

Ilona said...

Fantastic caskets, I like the secret compartment for secret love letters or so ;)! The marbled paper is gorgeous!
Groetjes, Ilona