Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sewing Table: All the Pieces

Here you can see all the individual pieces that make up the sewing table.  This first table is just about finished, I still want to put some beeswax on it once the Danish oil has properly cured and I need to drill two tiny slots in the table for the hinges of the tabletop.

One of the last pieces of woodworking I needed to do on this piece was to finish the tabletop on top of the screen. Here the screen is in the down position, I deliberately positioned the inlay so as to help disguise the lines of the cutout for the screen.

The screen pulled up, getting the screen to slide but also stay up where you want it was a very fine line of sanding it either too thin and slipping down or leave it too thick and getting stuck. It was the easiest to make it oversize and then refine it, the slots in the back of each table were just slightly different even though it was cut with the same cutter.

View from the back with the tabletop raised. The brass candlestick was made by Bill Robertson.

The front from the right side and.......

the front from the left side.

I am looking forward to see the petit point that my four clients are going to put into their screens, hopefully they will give me photos to post here in a few months.


PS: You can see the original table that I copied here, click on the photo to see a larger view.


Ilona said...

Absolutely stunning, Elga. You are very talented and you have real master skills! I wrote some comments on the previous post, but I think the wordverification vanished it?? I'll do it again: thank you for the tip with the pins to glue the chair together.
Kind regards, Ilona

Marie-Laure said...

Wonderul and perfect piece of master furniture !

Dorien Litjes said...

Dear Elga,

What a MASTERPIECE of furniture. I'm a little jealous on your skills.
Thank you for sharing again. Your tips are very clear and useful.

Lots of greetings

Karolyn said...


Irene said...

It's a beautiful piece of work.

Giac said...

Good morning Elga,
Not only is your work incredibly well done and realistic, but the piece itself is very original and beautiful...I haven't seen a sewing table quite like it before. Very well done my friend. Congratulations on another beauty!

Fabiola said...

It's a masterpiece!
Bye Faby

Sanschichis said...

C'est vraiment une étonnant modèle de table à tout faire! Tu as parfaitement réussi à vaincre toutes les difficultés pour le réaliser en petit! Bravo!

elly in amsterdam said...

Fantastic Elga !!

The Dangerous Mezzo said...

This is a masterpiece, Elga. Stunningly elegant, original, inventive and practical all in one piece. BRAVA!

Rosamargarita said...

Maravilloso trabajo Elga! Impresionante.
Un abrazo

otterine said...

What an amazing piece of furniture! You have such wonderful talent. :D

Alexandra said...

Amazing beautiful.
What can you make beautiful things.
The detailes are wonderful.
Thank you for sharing all these stunning work with us.

Greetings, Alexandra.

Andy said...

Hello Elga,

What an superb piece of craftsmanship. It looks perfect, with such a beautiful finish!

You are a highly skilled miniaturist, especially making all the hinges yourself too!


Andy xxx

miniamania said...

wonderful, according me yours is better than origin Congratulation. ı am following your blog with interest

Fi.P said...

Hi Elga,

you are truly amazing, what precision and patients it must take to accomplish such wonderful pieces.

Fi x

Debora said...

Very elegant and refined, something any real lady desires!!!! You've done an excellent job! I have no doubt, what so ever, these pieces will convince any one who's in doubt of your skills. It's complexity and detailing oozes quality.