Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wednesday Pennsylvania Secretary: The Upper Case

Today we cut all the grooves (0.5mm thick) in the two top shelves and in the two bottom shelves. The top will have 6 shaped dividers fitted into the grooves, you can see them laying next to the case. In the top of the photo you can see the shape they need to be on the plan. Hopefully I will have some time over the weekend to cut the dividers to shape.

Here you can see the grooves better, the two big slots in the bottom shelf are for two candle slides and the three thin spaces on the next shelf will be for one drawer on each side with an open space between.

And thank you so much everyone for the lovely compliments on the Tall Clock, having good teachers and learning so many techniques in making power tools work in this scale is so rewarding.



Dorien Litjes said...

The beginning looks perfect and I look forward to the end result.

Ascension said...

Seguro que te quedara genial, has empezado muy bien.
besitos ascension

Cote said...

Te va a quedar perfecto, seguro!!

Josje said...

Very nice Elga! You've got great detailed drawings to work from. What kind of wood are you using?

Ilona said...

I follow your work in progress, Elga. It is again another beautiful piece of furniture.
Hugs, Ilona

Obscure Creations said...

love how you lay out your parts.

Elga said...

Josje and Tyla, the plans were drawn by one of the members of our mini club. The wood is Imbuia from Brazil recycled from an old 1960's table. It was used a lot in South Africa in the 1940's-60's, you find a lot of old tables and chairs made from it in junk and antique shops.

otterine said...

I love your furniture projects, watching them come to life. :D