Friday, February 10, 2012

Making the Casters

Since so many of you were interested in how the casters were made, I decided to show you a few photos of the process. The caster wheel consists of  four parts, from left to right they are the wheel, the cup part where the wooden leg fits in, the caster and lastly the axle. The wheel and cup were turned on the lathe from a 1/8" thick brass dowel, the hole in the wheel and the hole in the cup for the leg was drilled while still on the lathe. The axle was cut from 0.020" thick brass wire. The most tricky part to make was the caster part and my husband Greg put a lot of thought into the process.

The caster part was made from 0.078" (2mm) thick brass sheet, Greg marked out all the rectangles for the casters and drilled the holes for the wheel axle and the pin on the cup before sawing out each rectangle.

Next he made two jigs out of steel for the different curves of the caster, here it is in the first jig ready to be filed, a piece of the axle wire is holding it in place.

The bottom curve has been filed.

In the second jig ready to be filed for the next curve.

Out of the second jig, now the back will be filed nice and round around the hole where the pin from the cup fits through.

Now for the really tricky part and it was difficult to take a photo, marking and cutting the slot for the wheel. The slot was made by sawing out the waste with a jewelers saw and then fine tuning with files.

Next Greg put the cup part and the caster together, cutting off the excess on the pin and peening the pin so that the caster won't fall off.

View from the bottom, here you can see the slot for the wheel.

Putting the wheel into the slot and using that massive hammer head in the back to peen the axle so that the wheel will stay put.

Thank you Greg!!!! You have done a beautiful job!!!!!



Ilona said...

Elga, this is excellent work from Greg and I thank your for sharing the clear "making of" photos: its so generous of you both!! Beautiful wheels for furniture. Have a nice weekend.
Hugs, Ilona

Marie-Laure said...

Oh my God !
What a work ! You are lucky your husband takes care of your minis mine is just ... well I'd rather don't add something about him ;-)

Catherine said...

Thank you so much for this tutorial!!! It was wonderful to see how they were made. Now I have to congratulate you on having a wonderful husband as well. :-)

minwks said...

Many thanks for taking the time writing this tutorial. I really admire how you can do the wood work. Very nice that your husband works with you. Mine does too and is input is invaluable.
Regards to you both.
Janine in BC Canada

Daphne said...

I've only just found your blog and I am in awe of yours and Greg's ingenuity and skill. Thank you for sharing, I am enjoying immensely :)
The casters are amazing!