Sunday, February 12, 2012

Johannesburg Mini Academy

Last year I joined a mini club in Johannesburg called the Mini Academy, we meet once a month on a Saturday and our club concentrate on teaching furniture making with full joinery in 1/12 scale. Our first project for the year is a Queen Anne Stool.

Yesterday we started on it and built the jigs for cutting the cabriole legs and the four sides on the drill press, I only had time to cut two legs in class, so I finished the rest today. In the next class in March we will cut all the tenons and mortises and put it together. The legs still have a lot of sanding work on them and the square pieces that you see on the top and bottom of the legs will be cut off later when the mortises have been cut, they help to keep everything square while cutting.

Four of the club members (I am one of them) that are so lucky to have the free time will be working on most Wednesdays this year to build this wonderful Secretary, I will try and show you our progress each week.

Have a great week


Marie-Laure said...

Wonderful projects Elga.
I am looking forward admiring your work.

Dorien Litjes said...

Beautiful and I like to follow you. Compliments for what you make and share.

Catherine said...

I am sure you have a wonderful piece of petit point planned for that gorgeous stool. I look forward to seeing it.
As for the Secretary...WOW that is an ambitious project. :-) so many drawers, cubby holes and so on. It sure is a pretty piece.

otterine said...

Love the secretary! They are such stately pieces. :D

Sanschichis said...

Comme Marie-Laure, j'admire ce magnifique travail et je vais suivre la réalisation de cette chaise avec attention.

Josje said...

Now that is a great project Elga! Wonderful to have a group with which to learn good furniture making. I'm jealous.

Ludmila said...

Wow! I want to learn how to do bent legs of the chairs.