Thursday, February 23, 2012

Updates on various projects

I haven't worked on the sewing tables for the last few weeks, I really just needed a break from them after working on them for the last 6 months, but I have just about finished stitching the petit point for it, just 3 more rows of white to go. The stitching is just a tad wider than 1 inch as the opening in the screen is only an inch wide. I found the chart in Raffaella Serena's book Berlin work Samplers and Embroidery of the 19th century, she charted it from an 1850's sampler that is in the V&A museum in London. I stitched the design with Pipers Silk on 75 count silk gauze.

I also started stitching a cover for the Queen Anne stool that I am making at our mini club over Feb and March. This time I am cross stitching on 60 count silk gauze once again with the Pipers silk. What you see here is the design for the four sides of the cushion, the central part will look different, the chart is part of Geometric patterns, an original Victorian chart that was digitized by Roland Designs in Norway.

On the wood work front I worked yesterday with my friends on our Wednesday project. We cut the dovetails on the top, bottom and sides for the top case of the Pennsylvania Secretary, it was the first time that I made dovetails, we used a jig, I am not quite happy with the fact that they are not symmetrical at the sides, but all the jointing will be covered by moldings in any case. I will check out the jig carefully before cutting dovetails for the drawers which will be visible. I also made a groove in the sides in the wrong place, fortunately that part will be completely covered with face boards and molding, I simply don't have time to do it over again. The five shelves has been cut and are ready to receive grooves for various dividers in the top and bottom of the cupboard. The wood is Imbuia salvaged from an old table, lots of this wood was imported from Brazil in the 1950's and 60's and was used widely for all kinds of furniture in South Africa.

I am also busy turning some more stretchers for the Rhode Island easy chairs that I am busy with. Next week I plan on turning the pad feet on the cabriole legs and starting to put them all together.

Wow, I am feeling tired all of a sudden now ;-)


Ascension said...

Tienes muchos proyectos en marcha, me encantan tus bordados.
besitos ascension

Giac said...

Hello Elga,
Your work fascinates me. Your stitching is perfect! I love the designs you choose. I also love your furniture! The detail is so very precise! I love everything you do!
Can't wait to see the great pieces progress.
Have a great week,

Rosamargarita said...

El bordado es increible, muy pequeño Elga!
Un abrazo

Eliana said...

This is wonderful work with embroidery. You do it beautifully. I'm in love with your furniture, I'm amazed at the perfect wooden fittings. Congrats!

Josje said...

Wow you are busy! I love all of the different projects you are working on with your friends. Your new chair looks intruiging. I enjoy following your projects.

AyamontinoMaria said...

¡Wow! Your work is fantastic!The stitching, really perfect, your furniture, also...I love all...Hugs

John said...

Elga, your work is so inspiring. All of a sudden my 'kit chairs' I'm working on seem pretty dorky! (Got to start somewhere, right)? I would love to learn petit-point but that small scale seems so daunting. No wonder you are exhausted!

virginie said...

Not just a miniature needleworker, but a miniature carpenter ! Wow !