Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012!!!!!, It is going to be BUSY!!!!!

Just over a month ago I wondered what I am going to make when I am finished with the 5 sewing tables, well I decided to indulge myself and make my long planned dining room chairs and offered them for sale as well. The response was wonderful and one thing lead to another, some people thought a round table would be nice to go with the chairs and I am going to make this Tilt-top table together with the chairs, so I have more than enough to keep me busy until end May and then two more projects are already lined up for the second half of the year when I return from Guild School.

Here are few a photos of the sewing tables, work is slow because I ruined my table saw blade in experimenting with the African Blackwood, I think it wasn't the right blade to begin with, but this isn't the right time of the year for fast international post, so at the moment I can't cut any new pieces of wood. The candle slides have a stop which will prevent them from being pulled out all the way once the top is glued in, you can see the stop on the upside down candle slide at the left back. The little silver violin player on the scrap piece of wood is just preventing the candle slide to topple over, it will be okay once the  top is glued in.

Tomorrow I am going to start turning the little knobs for the drawers, I really need to have this project finished by the end of January.

I am also busy making this wing chair from the Metropolitan museum of art in New York, two from Rosewood and two from Blackwood, and yes I plan to upholster it with Bargello like the original, do check out the back of the chair, it is stunning.



Catherine said...

OH MY!!!! Those sewing tables are magnificent! I would love to have one of those.

I can't tell you how in love I am with Blackwood that has the most wonderful grain for miniatures. Plus not having to do anything but polish and oil it makes it even better. I totally gave up on Ebony once I discovered it.

I am really going to enjoy watching you make the wing chairs!

Sanschichis said...

Ces tables de coutures sont magnifiques! Quel beau travail! J'espère voir bientôt l'avancement des différents projets! Belle année en perspective!

elly in amsterdam said...

Fantastic work Elga!! I do love all your products, in fact, but your woodwork is really exquisite :-)

Marie-Laure said...

Elga, I love when you are so busy ;-)
This way you have plenty of pictures to show your work.
But I am really sorry to hear that you are out of table saw for a while.

Yes ! The back of the wing chair is stunning. Are you going to do it as well ?

Elga said...

Catherine, all of the sewing tables are sold already :-) I will probably make a similar one in the future, I use Danish oil to finish my furniture.

Thank you Nathalie and Elly, Elly will see most of it, I took her up on her offer to go and visit on my way to Castine.

Marie yes for sure, I fell in love with that back the moment I saw it the first time!!!

Folk Artist K Arthur said...

wonderful wonderful... Isee Gods heart in your hands...Beautiful!

Josje said...

The sewing tables look wonderful Elga. I love the delicate detail on the legs.
I am always slightly jealous of people who can get their hands on nice wood ;)
The chair you are replicating is so beautiful. Is that the same chair Annelle based her design on?

Elga said...

Katie, thank you, your comment really means a lot to me.

Josje, yes it is the chair that Annelle based her mini one on. I know I am lucky with the wood, I get lovely off cuts for free!!!

Remy said...

Your creations are wonderful!