Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Working Furniture!!!

Yesterday I started working on doing the inlay and cross banding on the table tops, gluing the top strip on wasn't too bad, but how to put veneer around the edge was something I wasn't sure of, never having done it before and I pondered for a while on it. I was so eager to try my idea once the light bulb went on that I forgot to take photos, I will when I do the next lot and post a how to on it later this week. On the left is a finished top and on the right one in progress. I used South African Yellow-wood for the thin strip and Palissandre from Madagascar for the cross banding.

I love working furniture, since the original table top rises for a writing surface I just had to make it like that in mini too,  I glued the first riser together today.

At the moment everything is just taped together but I had loads of fun trying it out, I need to make tiny hinges and cut out a recess in the bottom of the table top for the riser to sink into for the flat position of the top. The riser parts are less than 1/8" wide and 0.6mm thick and lap jointed.

I have never made anything so complex before, so I am pretty pleased at how everything is turning out, believe me it is a lot of work, but fun too!!!!



rosanna said...

Yesterday I came to your blog with my Dad and he too is in love with your work. Standing ovation for you from far away Genoa.

Miniature Treasures said...

Beautiful Elga, i always admire your attention to detail these pieces are truly exquiste in every sense!

Lotte said...

Your furnitures are amazing. Such fine details. Great job!

Marie-Laure said...

Bravo Elga ! It is just wonderful !

Catherine / Mooghiscath said...

superbe !

Pedrete said...


Andy said...

Beautiful, great job! Really impressive, and useful too! ;)


Giac said...

Hello Elga,
Impressive! Very impressive. You did a beautiful job creating this piece. It is working, it is realistic, and it is beautiful.
Great job!
All the best,

virginie said...

Wow ! It is so tiny and intricate....Lovely !