Friday, January 13, 2012

I love Tools!!!!!!

I came to a place in the construction of the sewing table where I really needed 100% accuracy, I don't have a milling machine yet, but I remembered that Proxxon sells a compound table for my drill press so I bought one and it works fantastic!!! I cut a piece of MDF to the size of the table, screwed it on and used a cutter to cut grooves as far as the table can move to all four sides and put wood pieces in the grooves to give me 90 degree corners to push my work piece against. I also wrote down the directions to turn the handles because I sometimes forget and then it goes the wrong direction!!!!

Here I am busy cutting mortises in the  top for the raising support of the table top which will look something like this when it is finished. The piece of wood is only 1/32" thick so I am keeping it in place with double-sided tape.

The Proxxon drill press can't be locked at a certain height for constant cutting at a certain depth, so my clever husband modified the handle so that you can do just that.

On hot summer days I take my tools outside to what we call a "stoep" in South Africa, how nice to work outside in a gentle breeze with bird song and some bathing in the fountain which you can't see because it is behind the drill press in the garden.

Here the top is in the table, on the left you can see the caster parts that my husband is busy making for the tables next to the Housework caster on the right that we all probably have seen. My husband has never done anything like this before and this small so I am very proud of him and grateful because there is just nothing like this out there that I know of.

The drawer knobs in place.

The candle slide just peeking out.

Have a great day!!!!



Josje said...

Oh yes I love tools too! Great to see how you are using your drill press. I look forward to those days where we can sit outside and work again, like you are doing now. We are just moving into winter here, with the first frost around the corner (I still have roses in flower in my garden, in Janauary!!!Rediculous!) Anyway, back to the topic of miniatures...your husband is doing a fabulous job on the casters, how wonderful to have someone like that helping you!
Great link BTW.

Josje said...

PS: remember my son had to learn SA words? Bokkie, takkies, rooineck, braai (see, I still remembered some...) His teacher had made a promise that if they would get the words all correct he would give them a bag of candy. My son was the only one to get them all correct so he got the candy ;)

Sandra Morris said...

I love YOUR tools!

latchkey and jonquil said...

I love seeing the different steps it takes to make these sewing tables, they are amazing!

I need miniatures tools 101 - I don't even know where to start!;)

latchkey and jonquil said...

I wish I knew where to begin with tools, I'm at a complete loss, and no one I know has any ideas either!

The sewing tables are beyond fantastic, so perfect! ;)

Elga said...

Josje, I am sure your son takes after his mom, clever and hardworking :-)

Sandra, no tools, no furniture!!!!

Latchkey ( I don't know your name) I guess it all depends on what you want to make, but I would say the first two power tools to start with, would be a table saw and a drill press.

latchkey and jonquil said...

Hi Elga,

(my name is Jonquil, by the way!)

The piece of furniture I want to make is a box bed, and enclosed bed made of wood, which I think could be quite simple, but my woodworking skills, are, well, non existant ;)!

Elga said...

Jonquil, send me your e-mail address , then I can send you the names of a few good books that starts with basic furniture making, that's how I started. You will find a contact me button at the top of my blog page.

rosanna said...

Hi Elga, your work is amazing and yes,you cannot do without proper tools , but you also must know how to use them and you are a master.
Can I ask you the big favour of sending the titles of the books you talked about with Jonquil ?
Thank you very much, Rosanna

sandi quance said...

You are truly an artisan in all aspects of miniatures!!
I love the little drawer knobs but also love the caster that your husband made!! Would he like to start taking commissions????