Saturday, January 7, 2012

Turning Tiny Drawer Knobs

The start of a drawer knob.

I do most of my turning with a duplicator mounted to the lathe.

The cutter has been moved to the side so that you can see the brass template that the duplicator follows to make the turning.

The finished turning, the little point will be removed by hand.

A drawer knob ready in a pin vise for the point to be removed, the one on the right is already nice and smooth and the one on the left is next in line.

With a no. 11 blade to show size, need to go turn a few more as half of them suddenly snaps off while turning, they are so small.

Hope you all have a great weekend.


otterine said...

Now, answer honestly, how much swearing is involved in making these tiny knobs? :D They look wonderful!

The Old Maid said...

Amazing! I wish I could owe a machine like yours!LOL!

Sandra Morris said...

How can you create something so jaw-droppingly tiny on such a monster piece of equipment?


Sanschichis said...

Je trouve aussi que c'est étonnant comme on peut faire un si petit objet sur une si grosse machine!

Catherine / Mooghiscath said...

Que j'aimerai pouvoir faire des choses aussi petites avec un tour !

Cote said...

uff que difícil de hacer..., pero están geniales!!

Josje said...

I agree with The Old Maid, I wish I had machines like yours!
In Castine a few years ago I turned the knobs for a cabinet, also using a duplicator. But even with the duplicator it was difficult to get them all the same size. And the knobs you are turning are really tiny!
Love these photos!

Elga said...

I was lucky in that the lathe was a gift from my husband's late uncle. My dear hubby bought the duplicator for me after I raved about i, having used one last year in Castine. Josje, the legs on my sewing tables are not all the same thickness and I turned about 60 legs to end up with 20 that I could use, making 5 tables meant that I could match four for each table. I hope practice makes perfect in the end, I had to discard quite a few knobs yesterday too!!!

elly in amsterdam said...

You are really good you know, Elga.....!
I love the tiny turnings!

Fi.P said...

Hi Elga,

I didn't have to look long to find out you do turn your own legs and knobs.What a fabulous machine. And what patients you have! Sixty legs!!


Elga said...

Hi Fi, well most of the 40 extras broke or were too thin or something. If one wants to make furniture from hardwood you have to turn your own legs, there is nothing available out there that I know of. I am fortunate that our mini club in Johannesburg teaches furniture making with hard woods and traditional joints, it has been a great help to me.


Michael FitzSimmons said...

What is the make and model of the lathe you use, if I may ask? Is it full-sized, or scaled down for miniature work? Does anyone know of a mini-lathe, and where it could be purchased?
Beautiful, beautiful work, by the way!!