Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Cross banding Veneer tutorial part two

Since my table tops were already the right size, I decided to cut the thickness of the veneer of the sides, using the drill press made shaving off little bits at a time easy. I also set my depth so that a thin piece of the veneer that is glued to the top would be left, like in 0.3mm.

Trying to photograph what is left of the top veneer layer proved to be very difficult, in the end I put a piece of yellow wood on top, hoping that the contrast in color would help, of course now there still is a shadow that is bigger than the veneer, hope you can see it.

Here I am cutting the very thin and narrow strips off cross banding on my table saw using a sliding table.

Since the veneer is so thin it just wanted to curl away from the base while gluing, so I pushed it hard against the side of my glue box and clamped  it down to make sure there wouldn't be any gaps at the top.

After all the sides were glued on I just sanded it nice and smooth and rounded the edges a bit, now you can see no thick veneer edges that looks out of scale in miniature. I will show you later how I made the bottom drawer.

A close-up of the caster wheels my husband made, aren't they just gorgeous. Remember you can click on the photos to see them bigger.



Miniatures by Natalia said...

It's very interesting to see the work in progress! Thank you for showing!

Ilona said...

Hello Elga, thank you for sharing the progress of your work. Most interesting work in progress:clear pictures, they explain a lot to me about veneering. Gorgeous table you've made, I love it!
Kind regards,Ilona

Marie-Laure said...

Wonderful Elga ! As usual ;-)

debbie's mini thoughts and creations said...

I would love to be able to do things like this, it is so interesting seeing how items are made, thank you for sharing

Eliana said...

The furniture is gorgeous! Great work!

Catherine said...

It is sooooo BEAUTIFUL! I love the casters your husband made too. I would have love to have seen how he made those.

Ascension said...

Que fantastico trabajo, gracias por las explicaciones y enhorabuena a tu marido por esas ruedas que le dan un precioso acabado al mueble.
besitos ascension

Cote said...

Gracias es muy interesante ver las explicaciones de la realización del trabajo!!