Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wall Brackets and Dining Room

My base coat was finely dry enough for me to put the gold on, this is a lot easier to use than gold leaf, I bought it from Angela Jones about five years ago when she attended what turned out to be her last show in Johannesburg, it is the first time I used it, but I am really glad I bought it back then. The paint is fine gold dust mixed with an oil which I can't remember the name of, the gold settles to the bottom in time but a good stir is all that is needed to get it workable again.

I really like how they have turned out.

The tankards and goblet on the mantel are gold and silver bracelet charms that I bought at antique fairs. The silver coffee set on the table I also bought at an antique fair quite a few years ago, it came with a tray that has an inscription on it I think in Portuguese or Spanish, I have no idea how old it is. The HOM kit furniture will be replaced by hardwood furniture as I get the time to make them, chairs are on my list early in the new year. The two double doors will lead to a conservatory, the two copper pots still needs a plant in each. The curtains were made from silk fabric that I found in the wedding and evening dress fabric department of a huge fabric store close by. I think the chandelier needs a few crystals, what do you think????

The tall clock is the one I made in Castine earlier this year, I just need to put in the pendulum and then add the doors, the clock actually works, I used a normal wrist watch movement and replaced the hands with the ones that I got with the face. Since I am waiting for table saw blades and unable to work on the sewing tables , I think I must try and finish the clock next week before the new year starts. Most of the glass items are from GlassCraft in the UK. This room still needs quite a few pieces of furniture, pictures on the wall, etc at the moment I am treating my house as if each room was a room box and my goal for next year is to make as much of the dining room furniture as I possibly can, a table, six chairs, a sideboard and a small table for under the antique shelf.



Miniature Treasures said...

I have to say Elga your attention to detail is amazing, when i see interiors like this it always makes me want to start mine but at present there just isnt enough hours in a day for me to even contemplate starting,but it gives me great inspiration! Beautiful!!

Irene said...

It's a beautiful room and the brackets sit there very nicely.

elly in amsterdam said...

Your interiors are soo gorgeous Elga !
Btw, if you decide to visit here next year, I could easily pick up miniatures (also stokesay ware) for you at the Arnhem fair, or send it somewhere where you can pickit up. Think about it and let me know!

ANDA said...

Beautiful coordinated home interior! The drapery is my favorite!

Jennifer Rydell@Plushpussycat said...

What an elegant room! Everything looks so lovely! It's an inspiration!

Have you seen my miniatures giveaway? Welcome! I'm offering a gorgeous cheesecake, a romantic corset, and a beautiful and elegant ladies hat:

Christine said...

What a wonderful rich room. I think if it were mine I would spend my whole days just sitting and gazing at how beautiful it is.

Fi.P said...

Hi Elga,

you are very talented, it's amazing to see all the lovely things that you have made.

The berries and candles look very festive for Christmas.

i wish you and your family a very happy, safe and prosperous New Year!

Fi x

Mary Lynne said...

Wow, Elga! I don't remember ever seeing the pictures of your full dining room setting - just the little sitting "nook". Taken all together, it really is a beautiful room! I love the double doors - it looks like they have some kind of grillwork over the windows? And your floor is really elegant and very well done. Congratulations to you on a wonderful project.