Thursday, December 15, 2011

Stokesay Ware!!!!!!!

I received my first ever order from Stokesay Ware today. WOW, what can I say, I am so impressed at the quality of their work, the porcelain is so fine and I can see no mold lines at all. I will definitely order from them again in the future, I would love to have one of their dinner and tea sets. The two vases will go in my dining room, but not in this corner. The shelf in this photo is an antique one that I bought at Lucy's Doll House in Camden on the way to Castine earlier this year, I also bought an antique frame there, once I have done the petit point for it, I will hang that above the shelf, the desk will be replaced with something else not sure what yet.

Here is a photo of the shelf and frame with a ghost lady in it, Brae, she would have looked great in your haunted house, only her face and arms still show, the clothes are long gone, I took it apart and there was just a lot of dust, the ladies face and arms are permanently fixed to the glass.

The vases will stand on these two shelves that I want to paint with liquid gold leaf, they are not quite deep enough, so I am thinking of adding wood to the backs. I want to hang the shelves on each side of the bay window where the Queen Anne chairs are standing (check my header photo). The plate will probably go into the parlor, hopefully with some plates and vases.



Sandra Morris said...

Stokesay Ware is just perfect in every way and I love it too.

I have their nursery tea set in my Edwardian nursery room box and it is simply beautiful.


iseecerulean said...


Giac said...

Hi Elga,
The vases are beautiful. Just a warning about Stokesayware: They are dangerously addictive. Like chips, you just want one more piece. The shelf and frame are lovely!
Thanks for the vinegar tip to soften glue.
All the best,

Ascension said...

Son unas preciosas piezas de miniatura.
besitos ascension

Josje said...

Ah yes, Stokesayware has such beautiful pieces! The vases are beautiful. I can understand you want to buy a tea and dinner set from them. A bit of an investment, but a really good one ;)

I was thinking of you yesterday as I was helping my son with his English homework. He had to learn some Afrikaner slang words like braai, rooineck, takkies and bokkie. So funny as these words resemble Dutch but have different meanings.

Elga said...

Thank you all

Giac, this is an addiction I can live with, fortunately it will be controlled by the depth of my pocket.

Josje, that is funny, I never knew they taught any of the words overseas, I am married to a Rooinek (although his grandfather was Afrikaans), the English speaking Afrikaners used to call us Afrikaans speaking ones Rock spiders when I was small, but the younger generation doesn't use those words much anymore.

elly in amsterdam said...

The vases are just lovely; Stokesay are great.I have several pieces made by them and love them all.

Josje said...

Yes it surprised me a little as well, but they were teaching them the different words they use in English speaking countries. So they had to learn some Australian slang words, some American and some Afrikaans. Quite fun I think!

Sandra from Sydney said...

Stokesay Ware is just beautiful Elga, I have several pieces of it and love it also. So fine and delicate. Great buys.