Thursday, March 24, 2011

Queen Anne Chair: The Rear Legs, Assembly Finished, Well Almost

I spent yesterday making chamfers on the chair legs, I was so scared that I will ruin the leg that I almost abandoned the idea, but when a Google search revealed that they all looked liked this, I knew I would never be happy if I didn't make it authentically. I just used a small needle file and emory board to make the chamfers. Just click on the pictures if you want to see them bigger.

Once I got the hang of it, it went rather quickly. Next I glued it all together, the backsplat, shoe and crest rail will be done last, so I will spent the next few days on the front legs and the rest of the seat rails and stretcher bars. I have gained a new respect for the artisans out there, it is a whole lot of hard work and very time consuming to make miniatures with this level of detail.



Manuela said...

It looks very good,with many details.
I'm courious about the whole seat!

have a nice day!!
greetz manuela

Marie75 said...

Oh ! That is just great !
Why haven't you used a drilling for the chamfers ?

Elga said...

Marie, there isn't a small enough cutter with a 45 degree angle available as far as I know :-)

Anneke said...

It looks great! This is such an intruiging process! I love following your progress on this chair.

Patty said...

I am so amazed at what you are making! It is going to be the most fantastic chair! You are doing such a wonderful job on it!

Marie75 said...

I should send you pictures of the drill bit I use and the kind of jig I make for chamfers.

Elga said...

Thanks Marie, I would appreciate that, you should be able to find my e-mail address in my profile.

Drora's minimundo said...

I love what I see here and loved your work which I saw at Natalia's blog. My compliments