Monday, March 28, 2011

Queen Anne Chair: Cabriole legs and knee brackets

One thing is sure, dressmaker's pins are quite handy for miniatures too.

I used some in gluing the side rails to the front to keep everything in place. I used the pattern as a guide in gluing everything together.

Well, it is starting to look like a chair!!!! The right leg still needs its knee brackets and a lot more shaping. The back isn't glued on yet, that will only happen when all the stretcher bars are finished, I had a mental block for woodturning today, so hopefully that will happen tomorrow.

I still need to refine the rebate where the upholstered seat will fit in. In this picture you can see how flat the top part of the right leg still is, a lot of carving and sanding still to be done.



Manuela said...

wauw!!! good!!

greets manuela

Susi said...

Me encanta¡¡¡ dan ganas de trabajar la madera, aunque tambien al ver tus trabajos da mucho respeto....un beso.