Saturday, February 23, 2013

Miniatures at Hever Castle

As promised, some photos of the miniature collection at Hever Castle, it features work of  John Hodgson, you can read more here, unfortunately I can't find anything about it on the Hever Castle website, but I guess it is still there, can any of our British friends confirm this please. Idske, do you know? I am definitely visiting you if ever I go to England again, lucky you, to stay only 20 miles from Hever Castle!

Some of the photos has a horrible glare from the flash, it was pretty dark in there and everything is behind glass, enjoy!

The Georgian house.

The Victorian house.

And it's garden.

And some room boxes.

Have a great mini weekend all.


Idske said...

Hi Elga, of course, you're welcome. I've never seen the room boxes, but they do have a large Tudor house with a stunning kitchen and main hall. I asked about the exhibition not being on the website the last time I was there, but the volunteer? guide didn't know why it wasn't on there, but would ask, nothing has changed then. I think I was there last in the summer of 2011 and it was all still there!


Daydreamer said...

OH, Elga! Thank you for sharing those pictures!!! That Victorian Garden... I am Swooning!!! If I had the space... Well, Someday I will build my mini Garden... and that is Such an inspiration!!! Not to mention the houses themselves!!! Thank you for sharing!

Andy said...

Hi Elga,

there was a magazine feature about the miniatures exhibition at Hever Castle only last month, so, yes it is still open. I'm not sure whether the castle itself is open over the winter, because many Big Houses stay closed until spring here, but that would be on the Hever Castle website.

You took some great pictures! I didn't have my camera when I went there, so have no photos at all! There is indeed a Tudor house with great hall, kitchens and a Tudor solar (bedroom).

I think the house you named Victorian is set in an earlier period (Jacobean), The room box kitchen was lovely! I remember staring at it for ages.

The Georgian house was probably my personal favourite, but my own house looked so shabby compared to the excellent work John Hodgson did on his, I felt a bit sad when I was looking at it!

I remember there was almost nothing in the gift shop relating to the miniatures exhibition either, except a few postcards, and I wouldn't say it was all that well signposted, maybe it's not something they think will attract lots of visitors; little do they know!!! ;o)

Andy x

Ilona said...

The garden is really amazing, beautiful! Now i can take a good look ;)!
Thanks for sharing those pictures, Elga.
Hugs, Ilona

Gee said...

Tanks for sharing the pictures, Elga, I am impressed; I saw the Georgian house in a book somewhere, but never saw the rest.

Fi.P said...

Hi Elga,

you know I'm so frustrated because some how I missed the Dollhouses!! Andy has mentioned them before and I can only think I must have missed that part of the castle. I have checked with Mia to see if she remembers them but she doesn't either!!

Well a good enough excuse to go again, your photos are lovely and I am very pleased to have seen them at least!

ML Fi xx

miraclechicken said...

Thank you for posting this :)

Elga said...

Andy, you are probably right about the Victorian house actually being Jacobean.

Bought knights for my daughters at the gift shop :-)

Fi, if I didn't know about the miniature exhibition before we went there, I wouldn't have found it either. It isn't in the castle itself but close to the restaurant and gift shop if I remember right, but there certainly weren't any big signs directing you to it, a big shame, maybe we should all e-mail them and suggest that they put it on their website and have better signs, I am sure they will attract many miniaturists to come and visit, especially since it isn't that far from London.