Friday, February 8, 2013

Crochet Inspiration!

I know we all keep things for one day, one such item that I have is a few wooden spools of antique silk that I bought many years ago, I bought all they had, there weren't many colors and I just never have found anything to do with it, until yesterday. Brae posted two days ago about a crochet afghan that she had commissioned on her blog, you can see it here. I did an internet search on granny squares as this is the general name for them, I fell in love with a square that I saw, but couldn't find any pattern for it, so I had to figure it out for myself, not something I have ever done before.

It took a few tries to get it right and I am pretty pleased with the first square.

Here you can see it on the curtain fabric I want to use in the room, together with the inspiration photo.

The colors of the antique silk is just perfect with this fabric, hopefully this will also inspire me to finish the brass bed for which the bedspread is intended. My square is 1 inch big, fortunately the bed is quite big too, I think I will need at least 6 by 7 squares. The colors in the middle photo is more true to the real colors.

Thank you Brae for the inspiration, I am so happy to have found the perfect project for my antique silks. By the way, I made my practice square with cotton thread and I must say the silk is wonderful to work with, a lot easier than the cotton.

Have a great weekend everyone.


elly in amsterdam said...

Do notice me if there is a talent you don't have, Elga ;-)....


Catherine said...

I agree with Elly. You suceed at everything you do. :-)

also LOVE stitching with silk. It is beautiful to work with but your hands have to be smooth and a good manicure is also necessary. Not easy for me with the sort of work I do.

Ilona said...

Oh Elga, you always come with something special! I love that beautiful crochet work, my Mom used this kind of pattern for crocheting her bedspreads. She also used a very fine mercerised coton thread.
Thanks for sharing and warm hugs, Ilona

John said...

That will no doubt be a magnificent quilt. The colors are perfect with your print.

PILAR6373 said...

Un cuadrado muy bonito,los colores armonizan perfectamente,estoy segura que resultará una manta preciosa!!!!

Megan Wallace said...

Hallo Elga
I love your tiny silk crochet square! If the rest turn out just as beautiful, it will make a stunning blanket for the brass bed. Granny squares are traditionally six or nine inches square, which possibly makes yours a little bit big for a 1/12 scale dolls house, but sometimes one needs to stretch the truth a little... Here's a blog I joined a few weeks ago. Maybe it gives you some answers or a bit of inspiration, there are links to helpful websites.

Fabiola said...

Beautiful! I like the colors.
Bye Faby

miraclechicken said...

I'm blown away! It is beautiful and great job figuring out the pattern---

Gee said...

LOL, your granny squares take me back in time; when I was a little girl everyone had something made of granny squares over here.
You use beautiful colors.

Fi.P said...

Hi Elga,

You can really turn your hand to anything. These little crochet squares are beautiful, when I first looked I thought they were life size.

ML Fi xx

Su Wen said...

Absolutely beautiful!!! amazing how you can crochet such small pieces.

Su Wen said...

Wow Elga, you have nimble fingers! Such small & intricate works - beautiful indeed.

Lucy Coles said...

Your crochet is beautiful. I am sure that your bedspread will be lovely.

Marianne's MiniatureWorld said...

Hi Elga
Big admiration for you figuring out the pattern. I cancdi this a little bit in knitting ,but not in crochet.
Crochet works best for me as decorating edges on my miniknitting
Love your materials and colors.