Wednesday, December 12, 2012

More Drawers.

The casket is coming along nicely, I finished the wide bottom drawer and I like that here at least you can see quite a big piece of the marbled paper.

Putting in the tiny strip of velvet paper however........ you can use your own imagination here ;-)

And then I made some more secret drawers as per the original.

Here they are busy being pushed into place.

Pushed in all the way, now I need to make the four short drawers that will go in front of the secret drawers and the two long ones for the last two open places. All six the drawers are the same width, so, I discovered that I have to cut a total of 240 drawer fronts and backs for all twenty of the caskets, wow!

So far each casket has a total of 65 wood pieces times 20 caskets equals 1300 tiny wood pieces in total and there are a lot more to come, what was I thinking?!?! :-)



Josje said...

OMG Elga, you have done sooooo much! I love all the little compartments, but I see your point 'what were you thinking'???? ;-))))
I think there will be some very happy people around the world!

Idske said...

Not to mention the drawer sides and bottoms! Should go in the Guiness book of records!

Catherine said...

WOW! These are just incredible. I can't imagine making one of them. Josje is right! There will be some very happy people around the world.

Giac said...

Hello Elga,
I commend you for not losing your sanity! It might be an insane amount of work, but the boxes are so beautiful and so incredibly well made it really is worth it!
Big hug,

Ilona said...

We will do this project soon as possible......???? NO WAY!! Elga, what did you think, when you started these caskets? It really is an amzing artwork, my friend! I agree with Josje: many people will be the most lucky, when they receive one of those marvellous cakets made by you!
It is outstanding work....
Groete, Ilona

mcddiss said...

que cantidad de piezas y todas diminutas, yo no me habria atrevido, un trabajo impresionante



miraclechicken said...

I love watching these progress :)

otterine said...

I love the idea of secret drawers! These are amazing...all the work you are putting into them is just incredible.

Irene said...

Just amazing the work that you're putting into these little drawers!