Monday, December 31, 2012


Wow, this year has gone so fast, maybe because I was so busy ;-)

I am ending the year on a high note, I just finished stitching the first panel for my casket.

It is stitched on 90 count silk gauze with Pipers silk, I used French knots for some of the hair to give it texture and some of the details I outlined with back-stitching. There is a total of 5148 stitches in this tiny piece that measures 21mm wide by 18.5mm high. And I stitched this in 14 days, about 2 hours a day.

I also finished the first casket, posted it on Friday and the new owner received it today, I always stress when my hard work disappears into the postal system, so it always a relief to hear that it has arrived safe and sound.

I wanted to sign the casket in a way that would also reflect the stitcher's name since they are going to spend lots of hours designing and stitching for their casket. My daughter helped me to design the label for the underside of the casket, it has place for them to fill in the year when they have completed the stitching.

I made the hinges from very thin pewter, I made them big for lots of gluing surface, since they will be hidden by the stitching and only need to be functional.

The hinge for the lid.

The finished casket, I am almost done with the dome top casket and will show that one to you in my next post.

Thank you all for your support and encouragement this year, I am looking forward to next year and some new challenges.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! May 2013 be a great year for each and everyone of my wonderful Blogger friends. 



otterine said...

Wow! For your stitching and the blank casket. Your work is such an inspiration! Happy New Year! :D

latchkey and jonquil said...

This is where I run out of adjectives (wonderful amazing, stunning, fabulous etc etc) so I think I'll just say:

Elga, this is some of the best artisan work I have seen this year - rather in years, and I cannot wait to see your embroidery unfold over 2013.

Have a very Happy New Year,


mcddiss said...

que bonito que te ha quedado y es una idea muy original lo de la etiqueta,
feliz entrada de año nuevo



Dorien Litjes said...

Dear Elga,
I wish you a happy, healthy and productive 2013 !!
I love your blog and I hope to see more of your stunning creations.
Hugs Dorien

miniacollection said...

Happy New Year to you too!
Once again amazing and beautiful work!

Mary Corbet said...

Happy New Year, Elga! I LOVE the miniature casket panel! I work of tiny art!!


malu2 said...

Feliz Año Nuevo!!
Besos de las Malu´s.

Laurie in Iowa said...

Your casket is amazing. wishing you a very Happy New Year.

Fabiola said...

Fabulous works!
Happy 2013!!
Bye Faby

miraclechicken said...

That stitching is AMAZING!!! SO beautiful.

rosanna said...

I am at total loss of words.
Incredible is the first one whch comes tomy mind.
Best wishes and a very happy new year

Ilona said...

Elga, art work is the only name for this stunning work! The embroidery......incredible, fantastic!! The new owners must be very lucky with these gorgeous caskets!
I wish your family and you a very good and healthy 2013!!
Warm hugs, Ilona

Christine said...

Amazing work! I sometimes wonder if you have a workshop of elves and fairies making your miniatures - they look too delicate for human hands! :-)

Fi.P said...

I'm with Jonquil, I am out of adjectives.

It is an incredible piece and the detailed work is astounding! My jaw dropped.

Wishing you the happiest year ahead and thank you so much for your encouraging comments through out the year.

ML Fi xx

Mini Southern Millworks said...

Happy 2013 Elga..... Mario

Catherine said...

I can't even imagine stitching on 90 count. I don't think I have ever seen gauze that fine. I am not good at counting on 60 count.

It is really beautiful Elga. I love the design. That pin looks like a big spike. ;-D

Marie-Laure said...

Stunning and wonderful job as usual Elga !
Thank you for your great blog, thank you for your generosity, for your sharing.
Wish you a happy and healthy new year !
With all my love,

Helma said...

Wonderful, Elga your casket and embroidery.
I wish you a lot of inspiration in 2013.

FabShabbyRoses said...

Oh My Good Gosh! This new piece is absolutely amazing! How you work so teeny tiny is just beyond my imagination! Wishing you a wonderful new year with many new mini projects started and completed!!!!

Gee said...

Best wishes for you and yours, and I hope 2013 will be an amazing year in every aspect.
Beautiful casket and many thanks for the stepbystep photo's you have posted while making it.
Your needlepoint work is just like wizardwork to me; how on earth can you see the holes in 90 count gaze?
Stunning work!

Lucy Coles said...

Your work is lovely. I am so impressed with your tiny needlepoint.
I am rolling little balls of wool, and will send them off soon...cant wait to see what you do with it.
Happy New Year!

Jane S. said...

What amazing work you do! I followed a link from the Needleprint blog and I'm so glad that I did. I am going to very much enjoy browsing through your posts. :)

Architecture of Tiny Distinction said...

HI Elga, I really LOVE the wallpaper and panelling colour scheme in this miniature room. Do you have any posts about you making it? Oh and your furniture is really lovely, I hope to make some of such quality one day!