Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Flowers from Ilona

Yesterday's post brought me a wonderful gift from Ilona, some of her wonderful roses. Words just can't describe how beautiful and fine Ilona's roses are, they are just beyond amazing and the colors are so true to life, I am not sure that my photos will do them justice, but here they are.

This was a surprise gift, I knew it was flowers, but not which kind, secretly, I was hoping it would be roses, they are my favorite flower, here is the box they came in, with a hint of the contents :-)

And wow, aren't they just gorgeous, the detail are just amazing, can you see the bud on the red rose on the left and the top pink rose on the right?

I just love the colors!!!

They look so real.

And then, underneath the roses, another surprise, some letters on very thin paper with a writing feather, these will find a home in my casket.

Thank you Ilona for the wonderful gift, your flowers are a real work of art, they will find a special vase and place in my dollhouse and I will treasure them forever, blogger friends are just some of the best. I am often still amazed at the friendships we built with people that we have never met and that lives far away in other countries.



Natalia's Fine Needlework said...

Another happy day for you! Congratulations on getting beautiful roses from our talented Ilona!

miniacollection said...

These roses are really beautiful with delicate colours. Ilona is very talented.

mcddiss said...

realmente son unas flores preciosas , felicidades por ese maravilloso regalo



Ilona said...

Over here it's a grey day, it's raining cats and dogs, no sun at all........ but when I look at you blogpost then I remember the sun was shining, when I made these roses for you, Elga :D! I am so happy they arrived at your home and you like them ;)
I agree about having blogfriends :D!
'N sonnige dag toegewenst, Ilona

otterine said...

Amazing roses! :D

Alexandra said...

Yes blogger when it comes to connect, is amazing.
It is a wealth of inspiration and I also think it is fantastic.
I met some blog- people through time.
That was very fun.
All fine people with the same passion.

The flowers are gorgeous.
I also have flowers of Ilona.
They are indeed beautiful.

A lot of fun with the flowers.
Kind regards,Alexandra

Fabiola said...

The roses are wonderful and looks real.
Bye Faby

Catherine said...

They are very pretty and realistic with their two toned colors. The letters are perfect for your new project. ;-)

Drora's minimundo said...

Ilona's roses are gorgeous. A real treasure to cherish and enjoy.
Hugs, Drora

miraclechicken said...

Oh stunningly gorgeous!!!! And I LOVE those letters what a wonderful gift :)

Idske said...

Just love the roses and the letters, the writing feather is beautiful too. Ilona is such a star!

Gee said...

Lovely roses and intrigueing letters :) a lovely gift

latchkey and jonquil said...

What lovely flowers - just in time for your Spring (how we are longing for the sun again here!).

And such a generous gift - I'm just so sorry that my package hasn't reached you, very upset about that...


Irene said...

The roses are beautiful.

Fi.P said...

You are absolutely right Elga,until you see Ilonas work in real life no photograph does justice to it. How lovely to have some surprise gifts too, you lucky lady....

Fi xx