Monday, September 24, 2012

Miniature Sampler

On my first trip to the USA last year I bought a magazine with a Victorian Sampler that has been begging me to stitch it for my dollhouse, just one problem, the chart is way too big to just stitch as it is to be a realistic scale in miniature. To my delight Annelle Ferguson did a seminar at Guild School earlier this year at Castine and taught us how to reduce sampler charts so that one can use them in 1/12 scale. I was a bit scared to try but last week I decided to give it a try, the letters and borders were fairly easy, but the motifs, at first I wanted to be lazy and just use some Victorian motifs from my large collection of books, but on Saturday morning I realized that the motifs was exactly what attracted me to the sampler in the first place.

It took me the whole weekend to figure out the cat, I had to reduce the stitch count by half in both directions, which in effect means you take 3/4 of the stitches away, plus getting the colors right was tricky.

Well, I hope it looks like a cat playing with a ball of wool, I stitched it on a 50 count cotton fabric with Pipers Floss silk.

Have a great mini week


Debora said...

What a wonderful skill to have taken home with you from the US! I did hear some talk about how color perception changes, but there must be so much more that you all have to consider when scaling down charts!?

What ever magic you worked on the chart, it works very well, cos your cat looks very good; pretty & just adorable. Good luck and have fun on this new project!

Josje said...

Oh Elga, the kitty is so sweet! You did a very good job with the pattern, it is clearly playing with a ball of wool.

Last Thursday I was in Amsterdam buying a new computer and when I left I noticed a shop with beautiful samplers in the window, right next to the Apple store. I didn't have time to stop in there but I thought, 'Oh this will be a good stop on Elga's trip next year'. A nice coincidence as I didn't know you were working on a sampler this very moment. :-)

But what is this I saw just've had a giveaway and I missed it???!! Oh well, I always feel I am lucky as it is anyway, being able to go to pretty good classes and shows here in Holland.

Catherine said...

What a wonderful thing to have learned how to do with charts. you have done a great job with the cat! I know the rest of it is going to be gorgeous.

Helen said...

Elga, your little cat is wonderful! Many congrats on figuring the size difference out. It is going to be absolutely exquisite!
I am keen to see all your progress, I adore miniature needlework & your little sampler is going to be really splendid, with the most beautiful motifs & colours!
Wishing you all the best for future progress! x

Giac said...

Hello Elga,
It looks awsome. He is so adorable and it's amazing that you manage to show us a cat playing with yarn in such a small scale and especially using so few stitches. You really are wonderful, i just lvoe your work.
Big hug,

otterine said...

So cute!!! That is a great skill to have!

Ilona said...

Hi Elga! This is awesome work, to reduce the pattern of this cat in scale! It looks great!
Greetings, Ilona ;)

Idske said...

So convincing and just the right colours! It really is playing with the wool and that with so few stitches!

John said...

Wow, Elga, you're good! Those tiny stitches would drive me to drink...oh. Too late.

Margaret said...

It sounds very technical and the photo showing how much you have reduced the original design and managed to make it look so good, is really amazing. Great work!

Rebecca said...

I think you did a perfect job. It diffinately looks like a cat with a ball. Keep going it will be wonderful.

rosanna said...

Elga, you got it ! it is definitely a kitten playing. I love it and you are darn good ! Fabulous !

Gee said...

Wow Elga, that is quite an achievement, to embroider a recognizable cat in such a small amount of stitches!

I have tried some fruit once in only 10x10 stitches and find that very difficult at the time.

Beautiful sampler, I can imagine why you fell for it; looking forward to seeing your miniature version

latchkey and jonquil said...

Hi Elga,

It's looking very good! I'd love to know a technique for resizing full scale motifs successfully, especially with the colour shading you have done - that kitten looks fabulous!


Fabiola said...

I love this small cat.
Bye Faby

Andy said...

Hi Elga, I have often wondered if it was possible to reduce the size of a full scale needlepoint or cross stitch into one twelth scale, looks like you're doing fine! I love the tiny cat, good luck with the rest!

Andy xxx

Teruka said...

It´s looks beautiful!!

maria l. said...

Me encante el punto cruz, pero no tengo ni destreza ni paciencia
Te felicito