Thursday, September 27, 2012

Progress on the Sampler

Thank you everyone for all your lovely comments on the sampler I have started, I have stitched a bit more on it, it is kind of addictive ;-)

I am quite pleased with the bird after about 3 tries, I used a half cross stitch to give it the sharp beak and a french knot to make the eye. When you stitch something this small your colors have to contrast  a lot more than in full scale embroidery, otherwise your colors just become a blur and you lose the details of the design. I wanted my own name on the sampler but with a period correct date for my dollhouse, so I simply deducted a hundred years from my birth date to put the sampler back into Victorian times.

In a next post I will try and show you how I reduce the motifs for those of you who would like to try this for yourself.



Helen said...

It's looking absolutely beautiful Elga! the colours you have used are just perfect!
Huge thanks for link to the PetitPointer group, (I registered ASAP)!
Lots of luck with the rest of your progress of this exquisite little piece!
Hugs! x

Giac said...

Hello Elga,
I swear you are one of the best furniture makers and stitchers I have come accross. I am so in awe of your talent. You really did a spectacular job on this. You make me want to try it for myself. ..everything is always so beautiful and so accurate...I'm just going on and on, but your skill is really spectacular.

Lisa Heimiller said...

It is adorable. You are very talented.

Steinworks said...

oh yes please I would love to try this for myself thank you :)


Rebecca said...

So amazing and beautiful. Looking forward to your next post about reducing. I have so many samplers to stitch in my stash that this might be a great technique for me since wall space is getting to a premium around here.

Debora said...

Pfff.... what can i say!?!? Speedy as ever, ánd best is: without compromising on detail and execution. No need to say i look forward to seeing it grow.
ps. now every body knows your age ;-)

Ilona said...

Elga, het vogeltje is prachtig geborduurd. Je hebt gelijk wat betreft de kleuren en ik wil heel graag leren hoe je patronen op een goede manier kunt verkleinen, het zou heel fijn zijn, als je dat met ons wilt delen!
Groeten, Ilona

Rosamargarita said...

El bordado es un arte que tú sabes hacer muy bien! Es precioso
Un abrazo
GRACIAS por no tener palabra de verificación

The Dangerous Mezzo said...

Beautiful, as always! Can't wait for the next post :)

Mini Southern Millworks said...

Very nice ...very nice indeed I'm going to have my wife take a look maybe she will start her cross stitching again.


Susi said...

Estoy asombrada, el trabajo es impecable, y magnifico, no imagino como puede hacer algo asi¡¡¡¡

rosanna said...

Elga, it's wonderful, you are so incredibly good at everything you do.
If you'll try to explain us how to reduce charts, it would be great.
Have a nice day, Rosanna

Sandie said...

You have done a great job of reducing this design and the sampler is looking lovely Elga. Mini hugs Sandie