Saturday, January 4, 2014

Today...28 years ago...

I married the love of my life.

Wow, we look so young, well I was... scarcely 20, and Greg 25.

We celebrated a day early and went out scouring around some of the secondhand bookshops in Johannesburg yesterday, something we both like to do.

First stop was a charity bookshop, where at first I only found the booklet on Queen Mary's dollhouse. Hubby was still busy while I was busy getting bored and itching to go on to the next shop.....when I happened to see one of the staff bringing a new pile of books, I went and looked and found the bargain of the year, the book on the right. It was printed in 1980, is out of print, rare and normally quite expensive, out of my reach in any case, they charged me a mere $3, oh, happy day.

At the last bookshop hubby bought me this book as a gift, it has all the history on the old 18th century kitchens in the Cape, the layout of the kitchen, the furniture in it and all the other items necessary for a kitchen of those days, this is going to help a lot in planning the kitchen for the Cape Dutch house as most other books doesn't mention the kitchen at all, with time as I work on the house I will show you some of the photos in the book.

Next we went for lunch at a tea garden that I haven't heard of before, it is at a house that were build in the 1930's and loosely based on Cape Dutch style.

It was really hot yesterday, 35 (95) degrees, this is a typical summer's day in December and January, our two hottest months of the year in SA, just love the contrast of the green lawn and bright blue sky.

Hamburgers with a delicious homemade meat patty, I liked the tomato on top, first time I got a hamburger served like this.

The main entrance of the house, the house was gifted to the municipality in the 1980's and houses a library in the left wing, the rest of the house is used as a recreation center for the local community, ballet, karate, art classes, etc, they were busy painting etc, I would love to go there again in a few months.

The back of the house.

The house fortunately still has some of it original features, like this bar in the shape of a Viking ship, the guy who built the house was of Norwegian decent, his father was born in Norway, his mother was from Scotland and the house is called Norscot Manor.

The windows in the Billiard room, I wonder if they hanged the curtains in between the windows and the part that juts out in the front, I have never seen something like this. I loved the air vent above the window, they were in every room of the house.

The beautiful view from the lounge, when the house was built this area was way out of the city and a farm, now it is in the suburbs.

A lovely fireplace in the bedroom, there were quite a bit more to see but impossible to photograph with all the renovation work going on at the moment. All in all we had a wonderful day celebrating our anniversary.

Enjoy your weekend


Helma said...

Congratulations Elga. Yesterday was also the wedding day of my parents, 58 years.
I see and read that it is was a day with lot of inspiration for your new home!

Hugs Helma

mcddiss said...

felicidades por el aniversario, veo que lo pasasteis muy bien , me alegro mucho y gracias por compartirlo



Roberta said...

Congratulations on you anniversary, love how you both spent the day and the books you all found.

Dorien Litjes said...

Dear Elga,
I love to see SA but I don't want to know about the temperature. That makes me jealous.
Congratulations and I love to read about your wonderful day at a nice place.
Hugs Dorien

Catherine said...

Happy Anniversary Elga. You made a very handsome couple!
It sounds like you had a wonderful day. How lucky to find that book for so little $. The others look interesting too.
I am a bit jealous of that summer weather. We are expecting lows of -11 C. Brrrrrr

Natalia's Fine Needlework said...

I am always impressed to hear when the husbands support our hobby in each way. For me it is a sign of care and true love. Happy Anniversary, Elga!

miraclechicken said...

What an interesting post! And what a great day, happy anniversary---

Debora said...

Great post of a wonderful occasion! 28 years is something to be proud of. And Natalia is só right here. When your significant other is supportive and encouraging you know they are the right one for you. Congratulations to you both and your family!

Gee said...

Congratulations on your wedding anniversary, and indeed, a handsome couple!
it's pictures like this that make you realise time does fly, don't you agree?

That was a nice way to spend the day together and how thoughtful of him to buy you that book!
Hope you have many happy years together to look forward to,


Isabel Ruiz Alonso said...

Enhorabuena por tu aniversario

Josje said...

Congratulations to you both! You didn't just look young in those photos, you were very young! I don't know anyone in my circle of friends (well apart from you then ;-) ) who got married that young.
It looks like you had a perfect day out. What a lovely place to visit!