Sunday, January 12, 2014

A Bit of This and That

This weekend turned up some unexpected treasures, I was asked by the chair lady of our club to go and look at some tools at an estate sale of a miniaturist that passed away last year, somebody I have never met as he only lived here for the last few years of his life to be closer to his family and he wasn't active in the local clubs. He was well known in Cape Town though and much loved by the members of the club there.

This man was a furniture maker and there were these chests of drawers mostly filed with all kinds of woods, both exotic and local woods, many that I would like to have but are difficult to come by either because of cost or rarity. The family seemed to be hoping that the wood would go to a good home and be used for miniatures. Well, I am saving for my trip to Denmark later this year and was torn in two....and then hubby came to the rescue and offered to buy it for me, the deal included the chests of drawers, a good thing because I wouldn't have known where to put it otherwise, there were ten drawers!

The two woods I was most happy to find was birdseye maple, hard to find in SA and expensive and the second stinkwood (so called because of the smell it gives when cutting it), a local hardwood that is protected now, it was extensively used in Cape Dutch furniture, a very dark and close grained wood...and I was just wondering last week where I was going to find enough of a kind friend has some that he can't use because of faults in the wood, the good parts are big enough to use for miniatures, so he is going to give it all to me when I see him again. I am really happy about all this as I like to use if I can the woods that were originally used for the antiques.

I spend some time over the weekend cutting more wall panels for the Cape Dutch house. View from what will be the front of the house, I had time to cut door openings in the one wall before the sun set, as I do this outside.

This will be the center wall of the house, fitting all those different roof lines are going to be an interesting exercise.

I also started a piece of embroidery last year for my newest sewing table, this one will be mine, I am copying an old English piece, you can see the original here, I used a different border from another antique sampler and moved it to the bottom as the bottom will be hidden when the screen is pulled up. I am cross stitching it on 75 count silk gauze with Pipers silk.

Well, that is all my news for now, have a great week everyone.


Catherine said...

What a great home that wood is going to. I can't imagine anyone better that could have it. I know you will do something wonderful with it. I think the man who owned it would be very pleased.

Your house is coming right along. It is going to be a very beautiful and interesting house. I am looking forward to watching you build it.

You are making me PEA GREEN with envy. I so adore your petit point. I am itching to do some. I really miss stitching. Do you have a program that charts these images for you? My problem is I am not interested in stitching commercial charts for miniatures. Yes... I am hoping you might help me. :-)

Elga said...

Catherine just graph paper, felt tip pens and a little secret, I will email you privately tomorrow, it is bedtime here.

Indy_Poppy said...

The timber looks like a great buy. It will be cool to see what you create with them.

Eliana said...

The house is already taking shape. I believe it will be beautiful!
The tapestry is wonderful!

Catherine said...

Great!!! Thank you Elga!

miraclechicken said...

Wow this post blew my mind! I am SOO happy that you rescued all that wonderful wood! Your house is coming along wonderfully and yes what a challenge the roofs will be. Oh my, the stitching is just amazing!

Giac said...

Hello Elga,
First of all, I just saw your last post and wanted to wish you a happy anniversary! you are both beautiful in the picture. Second, happy 2014, and third, wow! The chest and the wood is such a terrific find. it could not have gone to a better person. I know you will turn every piece into artwork. the house frame is looking beautiful. I cannot wait to see more.
Big hug,

Margaret said...

That rare wood was a lucky find and should keep you happy for a long time, and how nice that it did find a home with a fellow miniaturist. Your projects all look fabulous.

Idske de Jong said...

Such beautiful wood and so much of it! I can imagine he would have been very pleased to know it was in your hands and would be made into beautiful miniatures! Love the new house, can't wait to see it grow...

For Catherine: if you want a free cross stitch charting program for you PC, I use KG-Chart LE. It accepts jpeg, bmp etc. and you can them modify as you want it, or you can start from scratch.

miniacollection said...

This is going to be a wonderful house. I admire your needlework.

Andy said...

The New house sounds like an exciting project, hope you have a good New Year, sorry I am so late!!