Thursday, June 20, 2013

June 2013 Trip: Amsterdam and Rheda

I arrived back home yesterday from my 18 day trip to Europe and the USA and had a wonderful time, I will post about my trip in a few posts as I really did a lot in these 18 days and it would be just too much to tell you everything about it in one post. And I have to catch up on reading all your latest posts, I simply had no time left for reading blogs.

First stop was Amsterdam where I arrived on 1 June to be welcomed by a smiling Josje at the airport, we went by train into the center of town and locked up my luggage in lockers at the station and then we went fabric shopping.

Our first stop was at Den Haan and Wagenmakers, a quilting shop where I bought these lovely fabrics, I especially like the green and white Chinese fabric, I think it might work well as a wall covering in the conservatory that I still want to build one day.

Next stop was McLennan's Pure Silk where I found some nice small prints and a wonderful silk tulle, these are intended for doll clothes. I am busy working on a scullery maid and cook for my kitchen, hmmm, poor things, they won't be getting any of the silk though, I am still busy cleaning the greenware on these dolls so it will be a while before I finish them. It is such a long time since I have done any china painting, guess I am a bit intimidated trying it on such a small scale, it is after all more than 15 years since I made any dolls and those were big.

After the shopping spree Josje took me to Cromhouthuizen, a wonderful 17th century canal house with some very interesting architectural details.

For example, the staircase cuts right in front of a window.

I just love the metal work on the staircase.

Looking down from the top of the staircase.

A beautiful carved door which was standing open and not really noticeable from the other side, but Josje knew about the carving on it and closed the door so that we could admire the carving.

A glimpse of the kitchen.

By this time it was getting rather late, Josje went with me to hand deliver me (her words) to Elly, my host for the next three nights, it was really great to see Elly again.

The next day the three of us went to the 1zu12 fair in Rheda, Germany, about a three hour drive from Amsterdam and here are a few photos of my purchases.

The table, chairs and rug are of course my own handwork, the rest are my Rheda purchases. The painting is from Joachim Kuhner, a German artist, I think I will make a new frame for it at some time.

I just had to buy the South African perlagonium from Ebba Sunne from Denmark, as I have one in the same beautiful red growing in my garden. The bon bon dish is from Phil Greyner of the UK. The gorgeous jewelry was made by Ursula Sturmer from Germany and is made of real silver, gold and Swarovski crystals.

The beautiful Siamese cat was made by Sarah Hendry from the UK.

The coffee set is hand painted pewter from Victoria Fasken, another UK artist.

The vinaigrier and mug was made by Elisabeth Causeret from France.

And lastly these beautiful plates from Stokesayware's new range of British antique plates. The plate on the right is my favorite, why.....

Because I own a full size saucer of the same design that has been on display in my kitchen for many, many years.

On Monday Josje met me at the Rijksmuseum, something which I was rather thankful for, the place is huge and at times confusing, I am not sure if I would have found what I wanted to look at by myself.

The newly renovated museum from the outside.

I just loved this cupboard, it makes me think of sunflowers and sunny days.

This is rather an unusual writing desk, I do like all the drawers on the two sides, plenty of storage space.

I just love blue and white delft, I would love to try and make the bird cage from porcelain in miniature.

On the other side of the museum is the Amsterdam concert building, I would love to attend a concert here some day.

Well, that was it for Amsterdam, thank you so much Elly and Josje, I really enjoyed my three days with you.

Next: New York City


Fabiola said...

Wonderful trip. I like your purchases. The cat is adorable.

John said...

What an adventure! You certainly made some lovely purchases. Thanks for sharing!

Catherine said...

What a great collections of new fabrics and miniatures. I just love the new Stokesay Ware plates. They are gorgeous. How wonderful that you have one of the same plates in 1: 1 scale. I won't comment on everything you bought as I love it all.
It sounds like you Elly and Josje had a lot of fun in Amsterdam and at the show in Germany.
I look forward to seeing the next few posts about the rest of your adventure.

Gee said...

Hi Elga,
Great to hear you've had such a good time!
Love your purchases, especially the Stokesay Ware and the vinegar-thing (sorry forgot the word).
I also enjoyed your pictures from the Rijksmuseum -I live in Holland but have never been there myself- and am just in awe for this writing desk with all that drawers.
Thanks for sharing!

Dorien Litjes said...

Dear Elga,
Thank you for showing me places in Amsterdam. I have to visit Amsterdam again because I've missed some places.;-)
What a nice items you bought.
I like to follow your trip ti NY.
Hugs Dorien

Steinworks said...

Im glad to hear you had fun but be prepared when you go to New York the Humid weather is horrible my Godchild just came back from there.


Josje said...

Very nice to see the photos Elga! It was lovely seeing you, I had a great three days. Exhausting but fun!

Wonderful to see the full sized plate next to the miniature one, such fun to have them both!

Melissa Boling said...

So glad to see you're up to blogging already! The canal house looks especially interesting to see. It's so cool that you found the miniature Stoksey ware plate like your saucer - that's one of my favorites of the new Stoksey Ware line. Of course I was lucky enough to see your treasures in person, and the pictures don't do them justice, as usual in miniatures.

Giac said...

Hello Elga,
My brain is suffering from beauty overload! I am so happy you had a lovely trip and were taken care of by some wonderful friends. I think every purchase is exquisite. I cannot wait to see more. Thank you for all the great pictures.
Big hug, and welcome home,

miraclechicken said...

Your trip sounds fabulous, I love all your acquisitions especially the fabric---

Ilona said...

WOW, what beautiful purchases, Elga! Welcome back to the blog world ;)!
I see you enjoyed your trip very much and you had fun together.
I really have to visit the Cromhouthuizen soon, never been there. I am looking forward to seeing the next posts about your adventure.
Groete, Ilona

Debora said...

I love your report! You've made the most of your short stay here in Holland and it is simply lovely to see you've been taken along by fellow miniaturists! Josje already has been to the Rijks Museum a few times so you've had the best tour guide you could wish for. And no surprise she even knew about the 'other side' of the door in the Canal house :)))

Your loot is fantastic, these treasures will always remember you of this awesome trip! I just looooove the Stokeware dish, especially since you have a life size piece of it too. Isn't it just great how we can scale down our real life and make a really personal miniature home for ourselves?!?

Thanks for sharing this part of your trip in words and pictures. You're a great writer :)

Sandra said...

Beautiful buys and I can see why that plate is your favourite. I am fascinated by canal houses and this one has so much character and charm. Sandie