Friday, June 21, 2013

June 2013 Trip: New York City

On to the next three days of my trip, the first day was really just spend in traveling to New York from Amsterdam. Elly dropped me off at Rai Station where I got the train to Schiphol Airport, I arrived in New York at about 3:30pm, by the time I was picked up by the shuttle to the hotel rush hour (I think it should be called slow hours instead) has started and it took a good one and a half hour to get to the hotel. I had a few hours to just relax and catch up with the six hour time difference before Missy Boling, my travel partner and roommate in Castine joined me for two days of fun in New York.

On day one we did some shopping in the morning, our first stop was a jewelry tool shop where I bought a few much needed tools.

I bought some gravers, now I can finally start to do some of the brass turning that I have been itching to do after taking Bill Robertson's brass bed class in Castine last year, by the way the poor bed is still just a pile of brass pieces, but I plan on working a bit different this year by taking one week a month off from all my commissions and just work a bit on my doll house and finishing some of my half done projects. Trying to do it on weekends just haven't worked for me last year, the weekend is just too short to get your teeth properly into a project, and I do have a family too that demands some of my time ;-) I also bought a set of drill bits for my drill press, a tap and die set, I have been wanting to make a fire screen with a brass vertical pole inserted into a wooden base that will have a horizontal pole sliding up and down on the vertical pole, in order to make it adjustable it needs a screw in the back, similar to this one. And then Missy and I saw the set in the yellow plastic for making round holes square and we thought that would be a cool tool to have, I also bought a small square cut six escapement file, I wanted a few more, but they didn't have the shapes I was looking for in stock. I had somebody sell them from her home about 15 min drive away from my home, but she closed down her shop a few months ago :-(

Update on the tools in the yellow plastic: Catherine just informed me that they are reamers for making holes bigger in metal work, we did use reamers last year in the brass bed class, but those were a lot bigger. Still a cool set of tools to have, but I have a lot to learn about tools yet ;-)

Next stop was Tinsel Traders, a shop that I visited last year too and just love, they sell all kinds of vintage embroidery threads, trims, etc. On the table are 3 spools of narrow metal trim, hanging on the chair is a glitzy gold and blue metal trim, the big spool has a fine ivory cotton thread wrapped in tiny intervals with a silver thread, I am curious to see how this will work for some miniature knitting and crochet. And then the last spool has a flat brass blending filament that could be useful for all kinds of miniatures where you want to add a bit of bling.

I am thinking of using one of the flat metal trims to finish of the edges of the panels on the casket.

After lunch we took the free ferry from Manhattan island to Staten island, so far the Statue of Liberty has been closed each time I am in New York, at least the ferry went past her and I could get a glimpse of her in the distance, but no good photos although I took a few.

Manhattan from Staten island.

Going back to Manhattan I really enjoyed seeing the island from the ferry, when you walk in the streets the buildings just tower above you.

Renee Fields, one of my fellow Petitpointers that lives in New York joined me and Missy for supper. I am on the left and Renee on the right. It was fun to meet Renee in the flesh.

She was kind enough to drag two books all over New York for me, I have been wanting this furniture book for quite a while, but it weighs over 7 pounds and nobody wants to ship it to South Africa. Normally the book is quite expensive too, so when I saw that Amazon had a good secondhand copy in stock for a mere $18, I e-mailed Renee and begged her if I could have the book sent to her and pick it up during my trip and thankfully she said yes, isn't it just great to have friends all over the globe :-)

One of the things that I like about the book is that it has photos of the inside detail of a lot of the furniture featured in the book and also descriptions on the construction methods used.

One of Missy's requests for something to see in New York was The Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine.

We went there first thing on our second day and I must say that I enjoyed the beauty of the architecture of the church both outside and inside very much.

From there we walked through Central Park to the MET museum, even after my second visit I haven't seen everything in this wonderful museum.

This set of two chairs and window seat caught my eye, the chairs are made of a beautiful figured Rosewood and I love the shape of the window seat.

Front view of the window seat.

Late in the afternoon we went to a doll house shop that is a few blocks away from the museum.

I bought these two tiny figures here, if anyone can help me with the name of the maker that would be great, they are marked B.N. on the bottom and a date of 1996.

I also bought these two lovely metal candlesticks, they are going to look perfect in my Arts and Crafts parlor, once again I need help with the maker, they are marked with the initials P.J.

From here we went on to have a well deserved supper after lots of walking and to end our two days in New York on a high note, we enjoyed watching a ballet at the New York City Ballet, an experience that Missy and I both really enjoyed.

Till next time when I will tell you all about Castine and my classes there.


Susi said...

Nice to meet you, I was pleased to see your photo, you're sweet.
Happy travels to New York
A kiss

Josje said...

NY is one of my favourite cities in the world! I love the Met and have been there many, many times but haven't seen it all either.
Great tools Elga, I think you must have been very tempted by all that was on offer there!
Funny, I have never been in that dolls house shop even though I have been in that area often. Lovely little purchases. Just as the thread and trim you bought.
You certainly made the most of your two days there!

Steinworks said...

New York is a fun place to visit but it's so humid during the summer. it sounds like you had a wonderful time.


Dorien Litjes said...

Dear Elga,

What a story. I've never been in NY and I think I'll never visit this city.
I love to read the next episode.

Hugs Dorien

Gee said...

Oh wow Elga, you must be exhausted!
Great reading your posts, and seeing your purchases.

You just know that tools will come in handy at some time, great stuff to have!
That book is just awesome, I understand why that was on your wishlist.

Sorry I can't be of any help with the initials;

I have been wandering the Met's website quite regular, what an impression that will make when seen for real!

John said...

What a great time you had, Elga! I love New York, too. If you ever make it to Minneapolis, I hope you look me up.


Indy_Poppy said...

What a great trip. I love all the new tools I'm sure they will come in handy for making miniatures. The museum sounds great. I agree with you that the window seat is a lovely shape. Ideal for making in miniature. Shame about the Statue of Liberty. It would be like coming to Sydney and being told "No, you can't go near the Opera House or Harbour Bridge" Very disappointing.

Linda said...

Welcome to NY! I live 2 hours north of NYC in Albany, but I do love to visit the Big Apple once in a while! Looks like you had a blast!

miraclechicken said...

Thanks for the info on the metal supply shop, I'd been looking for a set of drill bits with the uniform 3/32 shank :)

googlegeniusonline said...

Hi Elga... nice to see your blog i hope you enjoyed your NY trip.


Giac said...

Hello Elga,
What a lovely post. I am happy you had a good time. I think it is wonderful to meet fellow artist. Thank you for the wonderful pictures. I just love the chairs! I cannot wait to read your next post.
Big hug,

Sandra said...

So much to see and you had a great time. I really love the window seat in the museum and also the figurines that you bought. Sandie