Monday, July 30, 2012

New Worktable

Ever since my hobby changed into selling miniature furniture and working on commissions, I have felt the need for more working space and power tools permanently ready for work. Here is the space I used to have in the corner of my dining room.

An old cupboard originally intended for clothes.......

Revealing it's secret when you open the doors.

It even had a light to brighten up the work surface!!! But I needed something else with a sturdier working surface and place for my smaller power tools that I use almost everyday.

My youngest daughter is moving out later this week starting the adventure of  looking after herself and I will use her bedroom as a work room. So on Saturday my husband and I started looking for possible worktables  when we stumbled across this old desk cum table. At first I wasn't too sure but when I sat down in the U-shaped cutout the possibilities of how to use it started screaming loud in my mind.

I mean, look at all that surface in front and next to me, loads of place for tools, gluing jigs etc. Looking across the table I thought, wow, how on earth am I going to use the other side, my arms are not long enough to reach anything I put down on that side. And then it dawned on me, the other three sides are not closed in like a normal pedestal desk, there are place for chairs, I like to sit while using the lathe and drill press. Because of it's unusual shape, size and the fact that it has lost it's 3 drawers it was selling for a song, so I bought it right there and then. I it is made of a lovely hardwood, Rhodesian teak I think and I have some of the wood in the garage, so I plan on making some drawers full of partitions for all my small tools that I use regularly. The table is also very sturdy, just perfect for a miniature furniture maker.

Ready to start working, the poor dining table had to move out, it will only be for a week or so until we get the workroom ready for it. I plan on doing final sanding, gluing furniture together, etc in the U cutout, the drill press is on the left with a plastic storage container with all the cutters, etc that I need right on the spot. on the right side is my small table saw with once again a storage container for extra blades, etc.

And the last open spot on the table is for my new Sherline lathe that I will be buying later this week. And the cupboard?......, it will still be used for storage, probably all my sewing stuff, fabric etc that I don't want close to my woodworking area.

Have a great week


elvira said...

Wow!!! Devo ringraziarti tantissimo!!! Giù in garage ho un armadio che volevo buttare tu mi hai suggerito senza volere l' idea giusta per riciclarlo!!! Infatti a pensarci bene non so dove mettere tutti gli attrezzi dei miei lavori ..e trasformare l' armadio in un cabina-lavoro per le miniature e' un' idea meravigliosa!!!!
Grazie grazie grazie !!!!!

Rosamargarita said...

El ropero es muy buena idea, pero esa mesa es un gran espacio para trabajar!
Un abrazo
GRACIAS por no tener palabra de verificación

Rosamargarita said...

El ropero es muy buena idea, pero esa mesa es un gran espacio para trabajar!
Un abrazo
GRACIAS por no tener palabra de verificación

miraclechicken said...

What a great find!! Very inspiring to have new workshop possibilities, arranging/re-arranging as not only circumstances change, but changing your mind! Great to be able to spread out---

Idske said...

That is soooo nice! Beautiful furniture too. I can see you working away many happy hours on you beautiful miniatures and not have to worry about tidying everything away for dinner. Having a proper workroom is my ideal too. Who knows one day...

Ilona said...

Hi Elga! Wow, this is a super great worktable, so many possibilities :D!! Wish I had so many space for making my miniatures. Don't give away your cabinet or you'll regret it ;) No, I am just kidding! Enjoy your new purchase!
Greetings, Ilona

Josje said...

That is a great table! Love the wood. I would say the more work space the better, and if you have the room for it....
Love your cupboard as well. I can see the need for something clever to convert back to normal looking furniture if you are working in your dining room.

Alexandra said...

I have a lot of catching up to do.
I'm just been with my head in the garden, but by the many rain and little sun, my vegetable garden is not what it is supposed to be.
The cat is fun.
What a cozy set along with the dog.
Your workplace is very beautiful and functional.
The Cabinet is already beautiful of himself with the doors closed and what a surprise if you open the doors.
Kind regards Alexandra

Kathi said...

I love the old cupboard AND your new desk! Great use of space. I know you will LOVE having so much more room to work!

Giac said...

Hello Elga,
What a wonderful idea! It's going to be such a great workspace. It's so important to have a good organized working area and I think your ideas are just perfect.
Enjoy your new workspace, and all the best to your daughter on her new big adventure.

Karin Corbin said...

Sweet find. I love U shaped work spaces, so efficient in terms of saving movements. All you need now is an older, adjustable height, wood swivel desk chair to go with the desk!

Irene said...

I love you wardrobe workroom. It's an inspiring idea and well done on finding such a great table. Lots of possibilities with that one!

Fi.P said...

Wow Elga,
what a great find! Not ony does it look beautiful but it's practical as well. You are just the person to make great use of it.

mL fi xx

Sandie said...

Elga, what a wonderful find! Perfect for your mini-making and it looks to be in great condition. You have already set it up in a very functional way and there is still plenty of space for storage as well as working surface. The cabinet is set up so well too, it will be a valuable addition to your workroom whatever you decide to store in it. You are obviously an extremely organised person as well as being so talented. Sandie

John said...

I'm so jealous! Great reuse of a beautiful piece. I hope to have a nice workspace like that, someday, too!

elly in amsterdam said...

That is one fantastic find Elga !!! I do hope you are going to have many lovely hours at this table.