Friday, April 13, 2012

Gothic Chippendale chair: Assembling the back legs

I have started to glue the chair backs together, here you can see all the parts, this back splat still needs to be carved.

Here you can see the jig I use for gluing the chairs together, most chair sides are not square, so I asked my husband to make this one which is just a right angle without any sides, that way it is easy to use a rubber band while the glue dries. I taped my pattern on the back and line the magnets up with the  sides of the drawn back legs, these chairs have a tendency to want to pull out of shape. The back splat is just loose in place in this photo, only the seat rail and bottom stretcher has glue on it.

Next I had to make the shoe where the back splat fits in, here it is in it's jig ready to be hollowed out on the sides, the front profile has already been routed.

The first back glued together.

For all the tool and bead junkies, a friend sent me this link for a shop in New York, quite close to the hotel where I will be for 3 days in June, so I will go check them out :-)

Have a great weekend


Ascension said...

Gracias por enseñarnos como haces tus maravillosos trabajos, esta quedando genial.
besitos ascension

miraclechicken said...

That's a beautiful chair thanks for the jig info---

Catherine said...

These are GORGEOUS! I just love them AND when they are all finished, I know I will have the fun of looking forward to the set covers you stitch. ;-)

Debora said...

tedious job but it's really looking good. I always liked Blogger cos you could look at the pictures at their original size. (i.e. enlarge them if possible) Ever since blogger changed the way they show pictures i use the right mouse button. Select "open in new frame" and then i can have a better look, close up. Cos im a sucker for details. And your back is looking really getting on nice. The wood is darker then I expected but that too looks very good, fit for the job. Keep it up! Still loads (of fun) to do

Karin Corbin said...

The chair is looking great. Your husband made a nice jig for you.

Seeing that shop in New York store has me longing for the good old days in Seattle when we had not one but two stores of that caliber. At least we still have one jewelry supply source but it has very few things in it. Being downtown the parking fees to shop there are like getting mugged for all your money on the way to the store.

Kleine Vingers said...

Just beautiful
Miniature greetings

niels said...

Take care! Don't use all your pocketmoney tn that shop. You'll also need to spend a little at the auctions in Castine!
Keep up wit the excellent work. I'm looking forward to meeting you.

Ilona said...

Hi Elga! OMG this chair looks already awesome, fantastic work! Thank you for the information of the jig.
Have a reat sunday and week. Ilona

Sandra from Sydney said...

Elga, thanks for showing the jig - and for the information on Petitpointers on how your hubby made it for you. Great idea! The chair is really lovely - you do a wonderful job of these, very clever both in the woodworking area and I know the stitching side will be wonderful too as always. Hugs Sandie

Josje said...

That's a really clever jig Elga! I followed the discussion about gluing jigs on PP and should spend some time trying to get one of those as well. I don't have a clever husband like you (well, he's very clever but not in the DIY department), so I'll have to find someone else to make something for me.
Wonderful to follow the progress! I love the shape of the back rests.