Thursday, September 1, 2011

Monster of a Band Saw

I added a monster of a saw to my workshop today. I am at the stage where I want to cut up hard woods into thin boards for miniature furniture and I mean HARD, I almost blew the motor of my little Proxxon table saw and realized that I need something much more powerful. I have made mistakes in the past with choosing tools, so I first did a lot of research on what tool professional woodworkers use to re-saw thick stock and they all use band saws, even for cutting wood into veneer and I figure the thicknesses we use in miniatures fall into the veneer category. has a wealth of information for serious woodworkers and I find I can use most of their info for miniatures too. I am really looking forward to experimenting with this saw, now I need to learn how to change blades and set it up for properly for use. And I promise I will be CAREFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Eliana said...

Oh, it´s really big!

Katrina said...

Congratulations!!! It will be interisting to see what happened next. But really be careful, please. Minihugs Katti

Debora said...

Wow! What a beast haha. Congratulations with this purchase!! No doubt it will be só useful, after working with it for just a few weeks you'll probably wonder how you ever managed without it :)

Unfortunately can't house nor pay for such big tools cos I'm running into the same issue's like you; how to cut up your lumber?!? As we speak I'm orientating and studying on how to make a thickness sander. Cos it's essential to get your wood stock to size.

And now you can! So, hurray! Feed the beast with wood :-)))))

Elga said...


I will feed the beast lots of wood and please pass on any tips about a thickness sander!!!!!

Debora said...

I will Elga, as soon as I get out of the woods :-S

Researching thicknesser banks leads me to modifying belt-sanders & laths or to complete home build constructions. still not sure... The longer you search the more obscure the machinery becomes. Even found one driven by a diesel engine (!?) Also a monster brrr.

Will you let us in on how you get along with your monster?

Minteriors said...

WOW! That is quite a "machine." You are one serious craft-er, aren't you? Amazing. I shall return to see what it is that you create with it!!!

Anneke said...

I'm very excited for you! What a huge machine! It scares me to think what sound it'll make when you cut thick hard wood on that! But this will open up so much possibilities for you! Simply great! Good luck and watch out for your fingers!

Kathi said...

Wow! You can do some serious work with this thing! I've been looking at little table saws. I would have NO idea what to do with something like this!!! Have fun!

Karin Corbin said...

Congratulations on a very cool tool. If you have ever used a sewing machine you will find running a bandsaw to be a very similar motion.

It does take time to develop a feel for blade tension. Be sure the blade sits exactly in the center of the crown of the wheel. Very essential for straight re-sawing work.

Thickness planer for miniature furniture making. Jim Byrnes if you can afford it. I use mine on almost every project and would never want to be without it again.

Sandra Morris said...

Good grief!! What a monster!
I've been thinking about getting a small circular bench saw but it's tiny compared to yours.
Do you have to wear full body armour? It would be possible to do serious damage to yourself with that, so do be very, VERY careful!