Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Monster is actually a Gentle Giant and more tools..............

Although the Band Saw is big and scary looking I think it is going to be my favorite tool and it is the quietest of all my power tools, I love the fact that I can feed really hard wood through it slowly. I was able to cut wood less than than 1mm thick on it. As wonderful as the saw is, the wood still needs some sanding to get it really smooth. After buying the saw we had to come up with something that wouldn't cost a lot to make and after some internet searches we decided to use the lathe to make a drum sander. We just used what we had on hand, later we will make a longer drum, but this works great for now. The table consists of two pieces of wood that is hinged at the back and a screw in the front makes the thickness adjustment. This article describes the whole thing much better than what I can.

Here is the result of some sanding I did yesterday, I am very happy with how everything works and that I can now make my own sheets of wood. This is all local South African wood, the pieces on the left are Mopane wood and the one on the right is Candle wood. I see some furniture building in my near future :-)



Eliana said...

Glad you tamed the beast! :)

rosanna said...

Wow, you are so brave! I'd not dare coming too close to it. Must win this resistance though...

Karin Corbin said...

I love band saws.

The Candlewood has a nice in scale grain quality. The Mopane would be fun to try for turning decorative grained bowls from. I am sure you will have many beautiful woods to choose from.

I was just varnishing some Sapele from Africa that was used on my sailboat this last week.

I also use an African Mahagony plywood in constructing some of my pieces. We call it Okoume but here is what it is.

Unfortunately both woods are currently very difficult to get at present. My supplier has been waiting on their container load order for over 9 months now.

Be careful not to overload the lathe motor with the thickness sanding task. More passes is time consuming but much cheaper than buying replacement motors and bearings.

elly in amsterdam said...

I see lots of woodwork in your future and it is going to be great!!! Looking forward to all your miniature products Elga!


Marie75 said...

Thank you for sharing.
As usual, your help is a gift !

Debora said...

haha, you've come up with the same solution as I've decided to. Using a lathe it's quite easy to make a drum sander, just like you've come up with. Only I've found it through an other article. Doesn't matter, principal is the same. Happy to see you can now create your own stock, way to go!!!!

Elga said...

Thanks for all the comments, I appreciate them all.

Karin, I will be careful with my lathe motor, Sapele is readily available in South Africa, in fact I had my one kitchen counter top custom made in Sapele.

Deborah, we saw quite a few articles on using a lathe as a drum sander, I am so glad that people share these ideas on the internet, I couldn't have come up with this one by myself.

Sandra from Sydney said...

Elga, I am so jealous of your lovely saw lol! I know you will make great use of it and create lots more beautiful furniture. Looking forward to seeing the results.

Josje said...

Wow this is intruiging! What a great solution for the problem. Thank you for sharing the link, I will go and check it out now.