Monday, May 2, 2011

Antique Fair

It is a month since I posted, Wow, where did the time go, my second chair is almost finished, so I will show them to you soon. Today we had a public holiday here and for me that usually mean that there is an antique fair somewhere close to me. Sometimes I find nothing, but today was a good day for the mini people.

The little jug measures just 1 1/4" high, I took the picture in my doll house parlor.
The trinket box measures 3/4" across the widest part and is Limoge from France, it is going to be perfect for a French bedroom that I have in mind.

Here is the trinket box with its lid lying next to it on a walnut desk that I made some time ago.



Patty said...

Elga, What lucky finds!!!!! I really love the little Limoge box! It is stunning!!

Katrina said...

Hello Elga and hello South Africa. I call you from Finland. I am lucky that I have found your blog. I like it. Welcome to my new blog too. Love Kati

Sandra Morris said...

Wow.... your furniture is amazing Elga!

Алёна said...

Amazing work)