Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Third and final floor plan

Well....after my last post, when I started working out some of the furniture sizes....I realized my house was still too small. One of the issues being that with a dollhouse you kind of loose your fourth wall since you have to look in from somewhere, and with all the doors and windows the wall spaces in between wasn't wide enough, with my husband's encouragement I made the house deeper and added the stoep (veranda). The front gable will open and the rest of the opening doors will be on the side walls.

The final plan, the rooms are now exactly to scale as they are in the real house.

The stoep adds so much character to the house with its build in seats.

They had so much space in the houses, notice the build in cupboard next to the double doors on the left hand side of the photo, I plan on putting one into my dining room.

A built in fireplace with doors to keep it closed during summer.

I want to make an armoire similar to this one, they are huge and the reason for needing wider walls.

Have a wonderful day


Idske de Jong said...

Love the floor plan now, it flows as it should do. Thank goodness you put the stoep back! I really like the idea of having also having side opening doors, it will give you lovely views through doorways and windows similar to Josje's canal house. Not something that happens easily with a front opening house.

Catherine said...

It is going to be a wonderful house. I am so glad you decided to make it a bit larger also adding the veranda. I am looking forward to watching your progress.

Giac said...

Hello Elga,
It is going to be a terrific dollhouse. the plans are great and it really seems to function like a real house. I cannot wait to see more.
Big hug,

Debora said...

Love to read how you weigh, alter and adapt your plans :) I bet this won't be the last time :) Enjoy!!! It's a great stage to at.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Gee said...

Your plan is intriguing; love the built in cupboard too and that armoire brings back memories: I had an almost similar one, but without the decorations, when I went to live on my own many years ago :)
only mine was made out of waaibomenhout as we called it, so it was not of any quality whatsoever :)

Roberta said...

Love that you are doing this, looking forward to watching the progress.