Friday, December 6, 2013

A Mock-up and some Changes

I decided to build a mock-up of the Cape Dutch home to make sure that I am happy with the dimensions...well, I wasn't, the rooms were just a bit cramped, I wanted to put a stoep (verandah) around the house but have decided to sacrifice that idea for big enough rooms.

The first mock-up, you are looking at the house from the back.

The kitchen.

The dining room.

And the bedroom, although the rooms aren't small, they are just not big enough for the furniture I want to put in them. I added only a few centimeters, but it made a huge difference.

The new floor plan, I also decided to put the dining room in the back as it was in the real houses, I didn't like the idea of having to walk through the entrance hall to the dining room.

The kitchen is wider and deeper and now have space for a concealed staircase up to the loft just as the real house had it. I am thinking of making storage space underneath the stairs for food, it would have been nice and cool in there.

The extra space in the bedroom means that the bed won't be crowded by the big armoire and four seater settee I plan on making.

Josje, how do you like the kitchen's stable door and those hinges?

And for all my Dutch friends who were surprised by the Dutch interiors and architecture, settling the Cape of Good Hope were the brainchild of the VOC, they needed a place to stock up on fresh food and water during the ship voyages to the east to bring back all those lovely spices, silks, etc to The Netherlands. So all the first Governors and farmers in the Cape were Dutch people, they set their mark on the Cape for the first 150 years from 1652 when Jan van Riebeeck and his wife Maria came to the Cape with three shiploads full of people and supplies with instructions from the VOC to build a fort to protect them against the at times hostile natives and to start farms to supply the passing ships with fresh vegetables, fruit and meat. The VOC ruled the Cape for many years with an iron fist, it was quite difficult for a free man to start a farm or business in those first years.

Have a great weekend


BLANCHE said...

Elga, ti prego, metti il traduttore al tuo blog, altrimenti ogni volta ti devo cercare su Google per poter tradurre. Ed io voglio leggereti con comodità!!! :-D
Bel progetto! La porta di Josje la vorrei pure io, anche se non avrò mai una Dollhouse olandese!!! :-)

Giac said...

Hello Elga,
I love the mockup! The floor plan looks great. I think you did right to make the rooms bigger. It is a shame to sacrifice the Veranda but in the end larger rooms will not only make it possible to put more in them, but also your collection will stand out better if the pieces are not too cluttered. I cannot wait to see more.
Big hug,

Helma said...

I was not suprise about your dutch design house. The history of the VOC ( the good and the bad)had his influence in the world in the past and today. I like your rooms and the house, Elga....I am looking forward to see growing your house

Hugs Helma

Caseymini said...

Elga, the second mock up is great. This will be a project that will show off all of your talents. I will be following every step of the way.

Fabiola said...

I like your project. This house will bea fantastic. I'm curious to see more.
Greetings, Faby

Catherine said...

It looks like it is going to be a wonderful house. I am sorry you had to abandon your veranda. It is much more important to have good size rooms to display your gorgeous rugs and other pieces.

Josje said...

Yes I do love that door Elga! Those hinges look wonderful and would be fun to make. For some reason we don't see higes like those in our townhouses. Which is a shame as they are easier to install ;-)

I was looking at your new floor plan and thought why not move the drawing room to the left, next to the dining room? Somehow that makes more sense to me. Although if it is next to the kitchen you could have a hidden servants door to the kitchen so they don't have to walk through the entrance if their service was required in the drawing room.
Oh so many possibilities ;-) Such fun!

Elga said...

Josje, yes, I did think so too, but I am playing with a new idea for the stairs so that the open hearth that I want to make for the kitchen can share the drawing room's chimney stack. And I want to install a wall cabinet in the dining room, don't know if they had those in The Netherlands, they are recessed into the wall and was used for china displays.

Mary Lynne said...

This is fantastic, Elga! Makes me wish I had managed to design a couple of buildings/rooms I wanted to build when I was still building. Just never knew how to go about it and always thought I should have married an architect - then HE could have designed everything!! :)

Elga said...

Comment from Ilona that I accidently deleted, finger trouble :-(

What a great house, Elga, your new plan is much better, although you can still make some changes. The drawing of that door is fantastic. I am curious to see how your house will develope in the coming time. Good luck!
Groete, Ilona

Fi.P said...

Well you have been busy! I love the new house plans, it looks like your having fun. Whilst I haven't been blogging much I feel like I'm still in touch with you because I see what your up to on FB.

Ml Fi xx

Gee said...

Hello Elga,
Your new floorplan looks very good; love that hidden stairs and the door too!
About the VOC, all I can say is we Dutch should all be very ashamed of what the VOC did over there.