Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Federal Sewing Table and a Padlock

I have been working for quite a few months now on another sewing table, it is similar to the one I made last year.

Here is a photo of the original antique table that inspired my miniature table. I have researched many of these tables and this is the only one that I have seen with this shape table top that follows the leg shape, all other tables with six sides has the leg put in at an angle like this example here. Getting the table shape correct was quite tricky especially doing the inlay.....

but I think I managed fine : )

For this table I had to make a silk bag as well.

The screen slides in the back legs.

I am making a total of eight of these tables, for one of them I had a special request, to stitch the petit point as well, thank goodness most of my clients wants to do the stitching themselves.

And then, I told you in my last post about the chest I am making, three of my friends and I am working together once every fortnight on the chests, one of them is making a chest with a latch, well, a latch needs a padlock.... now, doesn't it, so I set out last weekend to see if I cant make a padlock based on the lock we made in Bill Robertson's class in Castine.

Remember the key from my last post, it has lost a bit of metal over the weekend, the padlock is far from finished, it is stuck with lace pins into the wood. I still need to do some final filing, polishing and putting it together permanently, in this photo it is locked.

Unlocked, this was great fun to figure out and make.

Have a great week!


Catherine said...

Your sewing table is BEAUTIFUL Elga. So is your new lock.

Fabiola said...

This sewing table is a masterpiece.
Bye, Faby

Helma said...

Elga, what a beauty of a sewingtable!


rosanna said...

Cannot believe my eyes!
Elga, everything is amazingly beautiful!

Ilona said...

All your work is amazing work, Elga, it is beautiful!
You've think I've used some of your special lace? No, it wasn't, that treasure (your lace) is still safely waiting for the cradle, but I surely will use it for that :D!! I had some leftover of this lace, I did not use for my own collection, but for someone else.
Groete, Ilona

Melissa Boling said...

The sewing table is exquisite, and both the table and lock are mind-boggling! It truly amazes me how fast you figure these things out!

Gee said...

That is one beautiful sewing table you've made, Elga!
I love all of the moving parts, the veneers you've used.... just gorgeous!

miraclechicken said...

How exciting! The sewing table is exquisite and the lock is great, what fun :)

Maria Blanca "AyamontinoMaria" said...

Is a great work , a masterpiece very beautiful! Congratulations. Hugs.

Giac said...

Hello Elga,
The minute I saw the table on my new post list I thought to myself "that is Elga"! your work is instantly recognizable! It is fantastic. a real miniature masterpiece. The accuracy of the detail and finish blows me away! The padlock is wonderful...I don't think I would ever try that one though... too much for me.
Big hug,

Flora said...

Wow, a masterpiece of skill and patience, two qualities that you do not miss :-)
Lovely hugs,

Janne said...

This sewing table is a masterpiece, so beautiful :)


Fi.P said...

Hi Elga,

Sorry I have been absent for so long. I am just starting to catch up with every ones blog now. Your sewing table is STUNNING I am completely amazed that anyone can make anything so small and so detailed. But I guess if any one can it's you!! I just wish I could afford one, maybe one day???


Catherine / Mooghiscath said...


John said...

I can't get over the elegance of your work, Elga. The detail is so refined. I have admired a sewing table like your at our local Institute of Art and often wondered about the internal workings of it --and now I know. The lock just blows my mind!


Steinworks said...

it's a lovely sewing table but what most impressive is the lock I love it! it's so cool!


Roberta said...

Just love this sewing table, it is from where I was raised. I am originally from New England. Your miniature is outstanding - you are one talented lady.

Must comment on your wonderful trip that you took this past summer. What a fun and educational time you had.

Andy said...

Beautiful! exquisite work as usual, and the lock is just amazing too!!!!

Architecture of Tiny Distinction said...

This is amazing! I hope one day to make miniatures which such detail. You are a true professional!

Elizabeth S said...

Elga your sewing table is MAGNIFICENT! I cannot remain quiet about this! I LOVE IT! What a lot of tiny details that you have incorporated and all with so much care and precision. It just blows me away! The additional needlepoint inset is the icing on the cake, and Oh Boy,... What a Cake!


Mi mundo de miniatura said...

It´s a good work!!

Jenni said...

Stunning! I've had such a nice time looking over all your projects. So inspiring! You do amazing work!