Friday, August 2, 2013

A Little Bit of This and That

Later this month we will have our annual miniature fair in Johannesburg where our club will have a table and exhibit some of our monthly club projects, I am busy working on our present project and also finishing up one or two older projects in time for the fair.

Our present project is a shaving stand, this is the prototype that our chair lady Lisa Martens made from Imbuia.

Here are two of my fellow club members Di and Aubrey very hard at work on their shaving stands at last month's workshop.

My daughter hi-jacked my kit and I decided to make the shaving stand in Cherry as the color will fit in better the rest of my miniature bedroom, Lisa also send me a photo of the original stand that she used for inspiration and I changed mine a bit here and there, you can see it on the left of the photo. On the right is a blanket chest that just need some nice hinges, we made this last year at one of our workshops.

My shaving stand with the drawer and central dividers added, we will continue working on them at our next workshop on 10 August.

I am almost done with the second side panel of my casket, just need to add the back stitching, my new phone takes really good photos of my petit point, you can even see the French Knots that I used for the hair and cuffs. The new photos show the detail much better, so here are the other panels too.

The first side panel and....

 the back panel, next I will stitch the two doors, still need to do the charting for them though.

I went to the tool shop that I mentioned in my previous post and bought some supplies for silver soldering, big bummer though, when I tried the torch, the knob for opening the gas flow was stuck fast. I phoned them about it and they just delivered a replacement at my door while I am typing this, although they are not far from me, they have a driver and you can order from them at any time and they will deliver straight to your door, now in a country where even local post can take a few days, this is a real bonus :-)

And last but not least, I couldn't resist showing our cat Yoda's favorite drinking spot, the running tap in my bathroom, of course this involves looking at me with big eyes and saying, "please, please open the tap, I am a thirsty kitty". Oh well, he melts my heart every time ;-)

Have a great mini weekend, everyone!


Josje said...

OK second try ;-)

You are a busy lady! Your miniature group make some lovely pieces. I see some people in the photo who I know! ;-) Say hi to them for me, will you?

The panels for the chest look fantastic. I love the french knots you used for the hair. I hope you're not regretting your offer to me! ;-))))

No miniature making for me yet. For one it is just too darn hot, but also because most of the contents of my workshop are still outside. I finished my floor but it is still drying and with this humidity level, the drying part is not going very fast. Oh well, now I have time to look at other people's work ;-)

Elga said...

Josje, I will say hi.

Hope you survive the heat and humidity, I am sure you will enjoy your workroom when everything is back inside and all the hard work will have been worth it.

Ilona said...

Hi Elga, long time no see ;)! Like Josje said it is too hot here and the high humidity doesn't make it better. So for me no miniatures too at the moment!
You have been very busy with a lot of miniature projects. The panels for the chest are stunning work, thank you for the new pictures, much better indeed!
The shaving stand is beautiful, I can't wait to see more of it!
Now I take a break out and I only will commenting for some time :D! Rest and realaxation is good to get some inspiration :D!!
Big hug, Ilona

Dorien Litjes said...

Dear Elga,
What a masterpiece!! You're a very busy girl. For me no miniatures at the moment. The same reason as Josje and Ilona!
Hugs Dorien

Giac said...

Hello Elga,
All the projects you make are always of such incredible quality! I am always amazed. Your furniture is so well made and your needlework inspires me every time. Just beautiful! What a lovely kitty, that is a great picture.
Big hug, and have fun at the upcoming show.

otterine said...

Eeeeeee! Kitty, kitty! :D That's so cute, I can see why you give in every time. Hahahaha

The furniture pieces and needlework are wonderful!

Sans! said...

The shaving stand is oustanding!

Raminhos de Pano said...

Oi Elga, o móvel ficou em ótima qualidade, parabéns pelo maravilhoso projeto.
Um abraço, Fernanda

Melissa Boling said...

Love the shaving stand and the latest needlework! Those really are good pictures. What kind of phone did you get? Loved seeing the kitty picture again. Mine like the kitchen faucet, but I'm not as nice as you are and don't turn it on. But then they seem more interested after I turn it off. I just got rid of the old table in my bedroom that had all my tools on it, so now I don't have a place to work until I get a new "workshop" set up. Hope it'll be soon!

Yolanda Morán said...

No me lo puedo creer es idéntica a la original, perfecta una pieza única y maravillosa.
Un abrazo.

Gee said...

Hi Elga,
your new project looks very promising; and great pics of the panels indeed!
The stitches are better to be seen in these pics than in real life.
beautiful work!
And of course I just melted seeing Yoda.
My cats have a habit of keeping me company whenever I take a bath, and beg for water too; they all have their ways :)

Fi.P said...

Hi Elga, The shaving stand really is lovely, so elegant, and it looks like you have been busy with your miniature club.Your needle work is stunning as usual, beautiful colours.

As for Yoda the cute kitty cat, I couldn't resist those pleading eyes either.

You know last night you turned up in my funny is that? We have never met but there you were and I woke up thinking I must look in on Elga.

Ml Fi xx

Elga said...

Well, Fi, I hope it wasn't a nightmare ;-)

Hopefully we will meet one another someday and not just in your dreams!