Sunday, August 25, 2013

Johannesburg Miniature Fair

This weekend we had our annual miniature fair in Johannesburg. A few weeks ago I told you that I was busy finishing up some of our local club projects.

Well, here they are all finished. the shaving stand was made from cherry wood. The hinges for the blanket chest was copied from a pair of circa 1770 Pennsylvania hinges that I found on a website.

I used dovetails and a slide in bottom for the drawer construction.

The carved door panel slides into the door stiles.

The mirror supports with tongue and groove joints.

The drawer knobs were turned from ivory, I found an old broken piece of a carved tusk awhile ago at an antique fair.

A comment from Josje on my FaceBook page inspired me to make the shaving set. The lathering bowl and brush was fairly easy to make, the old fashioned straight razor was another story though. I found a fair amount of info on restoring and making these in an internet search. The bowl and brush was turned out of ivory and I also used ivory for the sides of the razor.

Here are a photo of the inner workings of the razor, sometime I want to make another one and refine some of the techniques I used as I was a in a bit of a hurry to finish this one in time for the fair.

And now I guess you want to know what I bought at the fair :-)

Some Proxxon cutters and a container for tiny stuff, I like the see through lids.

And the tool bargain of the day, one needle file and three escapement files at $5 each.

Quite a few people got rid of some of their stash and I found these two bargains.

A fireplace kit from Phoenix Model Developments in England for $5 and...

this wonderful fine tea set from Avon Miniatures, also from England for a mere $9, my lucky day I think. The wash set that is on the shaving stand is also from Avon Miniatures, I bought that set back in 2006 in a miniatures shop in Bath, England.

Have a great weekend everybody


Margaret said...

Carved ivory, that is amazing, yet another talent you have. And you certainly found some bargains at the fair, the fireplace is great and so are the porcelain pieces.

Giac said...

Hello Elga,
I honestly think your talent has no limits! The stand and chest are beautiful and as always so incredibly precise and realistic. I love them. Great purchases at the show...the Avon ware was an incredible deal.
Big hug,

Catherine said...

I love it all Elga. The shaving stand it gorgeous as are all the ivory pieces you made for it. You sure got some great bargains at the miniature show. I love the fire place and the Avon pieces.

I have some ivory piano keys. I would love to make something using those.

Ilona said...

Like the other I am amazed about each of your skills, Elga, all your miniatures are so beautiful and well made. You found some gorgeous bargains, lucky you :D, enjoy your new goodies!
I was on holiday so now I am catching up with reading a lot of blogs.
Groete, Ilona

dadasdollhouse said...

What a fabulous work, Elga!

And you did a good deal at the fair... I love the tea set!



miraclechicken said...

The shaving stand and blanket chest are perfectly made! Just gorgeous. I love seeing some of the progress shots---

Raminhos de Pano said...

Oi Elga, você é incrivelmente talenosa, parabéns!
Quero convidar você para participar do SORTEIO em meu blog Raminhos de Pano, estarei lhe aguardando.
;) Fernanda

Josje said...

They all turned out so wonderful! I am glad you made the shaving set, it complements the shaving stand beautifully.

You have found some great goodies at the show. The Avon set was a bargain! When I do my porcelain painting class we like to use Avon pieces as they are so finely made and very consistent in quality.

Like Linda I also love seeing your progress shots!

John said...

I LOVE the shaving set!!! I can't believe it's made from ivory! Elga, your craftsmanship simply cannot be surpassed.