Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Wednesday Project and Petit Point Update

I haven't had much time for working on my Wednesday project for quite a while and are way behind my three friends, but this weekend I finally had some time to work on the tombstone doors for the upper case. One of my friends made a cutter from an old drill bit for the tombstone edges of the door panel, I am rather pleased with how it turned out. The cutter makes the top edges rounded, so I had to make the top corners square by hand, the door on the right still needs to done, hopefully you can see the difference. All the moldings on the door frame pieces were cut with  first a straight cutter and then a heart shaped cutter on the drill press. The trickiest part is making the slot in the door frame pieces where the panel fits in and mitering the small molding on the inside. The top rail is sticking out a bit, I think I will cut it flush once the door has been glued together, at the moment it is still all loose.

Showing the back of the door on the left, if you open the photo in a new tab you should be able to see it all a bit bigger.

The door lying in the case frame. You can read older posts about this project here.

Most days I make sure to take some time for doing a bit of petit point, I find it very relaxing, the deer is almost finished.

Have a great week.


Catherine said...

Those doors are BEAUTIFUL!!! I love that you are building them with mortise and tenon joints!

I am drooling over your work on that petit point piece. I adore the design!!!!!

Contrastes-Rosa Mª said...

¡Qué maravilla el petit point! un motivo delicadísimo, El mueble muy sobrio, genial por estos dos trabajos :)

Dorien Litjes said...

Dear Elga,
Thanks for sharing. Perfect doors and an amazing petit point piece.
Greetings Dorien

rosanna said...

Elga, you always leave me jawdropped

Giac said...

Hello Elga,
Your blog is such a wonderful reference tool. The doors are coming along just stunning. I love the angled detail in the panel. Bravo!
I have to try petit point do such wonderful work!!!
Big hug,

miraclechicken said...

The doors are coming out great and I LOVE the deer!

elly in amsterdam said...

Elga, what wonderful doors . The petitpoint is coming along great.
Emmm, I bought the book, too :-) Your fault, actually ! Bwahahaa !

Josje said...

Beautiful project! I have been enlarging the photos and pouring over them to try to understand how you've made them but *-*-*-my-brain-does-not-compute-*-*-* krrgggkrrg... (sound of my brain coming to a halt).

Sigh. Now I wish I lived in SA so I could join your Wednesday group.

Gorgeous petit point as well!