Friday, June 22, 2012

New York

Wow, what can I say about New York, it was my first time there and it sure is a big busy city, probably not a place I want to live in, but I did enjoy my three days there. I met up with Mavis Cheyne, an IGMA scholarship winner from New Zealand that I met online on the Petitpointer Yahoo group and we went all over Manhattan in the three days that we were in NY.

On the first day we first spend a few hours in Central Park waiting for the shops to open up.

Here I am in front of Alice in Wonderland.

Next we went to Annie & Company where I bought some lovely thin velvet cord and some 100% Bamboo embroidery thread, I have been planning a small French Knot rug for a bathroom and would like to try this thread. Locally I buy socks made from bamboo which I love because they are so soft and comfortable to wear, so I just couldn't resist the thread :-)

Next stop was Tiny Dolls House shop close to the Metropolitan museum of History, and here I bought these two plates by Christopher Whitford, aren't they just stunning!

I have been looking for a vase for this little antique shelf that I bought last year at Lucy's Doll House in Camden on the way to Castine, at first I thought it was porcelain but it is actually made from some kind of metal, it fits perfectly and I have no idea who painted it. From here we did some family gift related stops.

Last stop for the day was a tool shop where I bought a lot of cutters and drill bits for my drill press that is hard to find in SA, three friends shared with me so we have quite a big variety now. I also bought another few tools needed for my class in Castine. By this time we were very tired, we started the day by taking a bus to 66th street, from there we walked up through Central Park to about 94th street where the needlework shops were situated, from there we worked our way slowly back to 46th street to the tool shop, the hotel was in 31st street, so after buying the tools all we wanted was supper and a hotel room ASAP after all that walking.

On day two we went to The Cloisters museum where we saw the magnificent Unicorn Tapestries, it took long to get there and except for the tapestries I was rather disappointed with the museum, it was a lot smaller than I expected. Next we went to the MET museum where my mission was to see the original of the easy chair that I recently made and have started to stitch for, it was wonderful to see for real and I was happy to see that my color choices wasn't far off from the original chair, by this time we were rather tired again and went to have a well deserved supper.

I think the part of NY that I enjoyed the most was spending the evening at a concert of the NY Philharmonic orchestra, they played two of my most favorite Mozart violin concerto's, just heavenly to listen to and we desperately needed to rest out tired feet.

On the last day Diane Yunnie, a doll maker from SA joined us and we went to the garment district in NY, my favorite shop was Tinsel Traders where I bought these lovely antique metal embroidery threads that will make fantastic trim in mini.

I also found these lovely silk cords on the left and the tiny twisted cord on the right at Tinsel Traders.

Mavis gave me this beautiful doll that she made as a thank you gift for arranging the whole trip, the doll is only 4cm high and Mavis knitted her whole outfit which includes all the underwear as well, what a delightful surprise.

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BLANCHE said...


Basketcase Miniatures said...

Some wonderful purchases there Elga!
Cheers - Lidi

Cookie Ziemba said...

Elga, so happy to see you went to all those places in NY and that you both enjoyed it. Wasn't Tinsel Traders great? And the Met Museum? Lots and lots of walking, you must have stamina!

Karin Corbin said...

Now we know for sure you understand the term "shop until you drop".
Looks like very successful hunting and gathering was done by all members of the party.

Ilona said...

Wow, sounds like ONE great adventure: to be in New York! Gorgeous purchases, Elga! Enjoy it!
Thanks for sharing your story of the trip and the pictures.
Greetings, Ilona

Josje said...

What a great few days you must have had! Funny you were disappointed by the Cloisters, it is always one of my favourite places to go when I'm in NY. It is a long way to travel, and not a very big museum, but I love the calm atmosphere and those gardens!

Wonderful purchases again! Love the tools of course and those two little plates are gorgeous!
Wish I could have joined you shopping at the garment district!