Monday, February 28, 2011

Great News

I have been very quiet lately, I know. First of all I dropped my camera 2 months ago and damaged it beyond use, but yesterday my husband spoiled me with a new one.

The other good news is that I received my passport back from the USA embassy today with a visa valid for 10 years to travel to and from the USA, so I am all set for attending IGMA's Guild School in June this year as a scholarship student. I will be doing Carol Hardy's Tall Clock class and Bill Robertson's hinges class. I am so excited about this wonderful learning oppurtunity.

Afterwards I will visit my brother in Norway, if any of you know of any doll house shops in the Stavanger, Kristiansand and Oslo area please let me know.



Patty said...

Elga, How exciting for you to be going to Castine for the IGMA school. I was fortunate enough to purchase some of Carol Hardy's work at an estate sale a few years ago and you will be amazed at the quality of her work! Your workshop with her will be brilliant I am sure! Congratulations on the scholarship!!! Everyone raves about the wonderful experience they have at the school!!

rosanna said...

Great news!! I'd love going to Castine but I already know it will never happen :o(( Ask Christel Jensen for shops or Weronica of Crazy4Minis. They are both Norvegian, Christel is a IGMA. Best wishes, Rosanna