Monday, January 19, 2015

Seven Months of Silence

Wow, I almost can't believe it is seven months since I last posted. Real life has been very busy and filled with some difficult times. Progress on miniatures has been slow, but finally I have some things I can show you.

Remember the French washstand I made last year, during November I made a Victorian bath towel for it based on some real ones that I saw on the internet. Mine is made from 50 count linen with a crochet edge made using a 0.4mm hook and some cotton sewing thread, the embroidery design dates from Victorian times and were stitched with Pipers Silk.

A close up of the stitching.

Hanging on the washstand, now I must do the embroidery on the second towel.

I spend some time building the second room for my Cape Dutch house during the last six weeks. The house is finally standing in a decent place where I have good access to it after we moved some furniture around.

The front of the house with the entrance hall in the center, to the right is the bedroom I just built, the empty spot on the left will become the drawing room.

The space behind the front rooms of the house will have a corridor in the middle behind the entrance hall with a kitchen behind the bedroom and a dining room behind the drawing room.

One will have a nice view through the doors into the other rooms. The furniture I used here is just to give you an idea of my plans for the bedroom, most of them won't be used here.

The wallpaper I used for the panels is gift wrap with a chinoiserie design dating from 1780, since the pattern is quite big I decided to use it in panels so as not to overwhelm the room. I am thinking of painting the bottom panels just a shade darker before I add molding all around the panels. I plan on using the beautiful silk velvet for the curtains. Making the flooring for the bedroom is probably next, at this stage all the walls can still be removed, I find it a lot easier to work on them while they are lying flat.

I have made some progress on my 1740 rug which is destined for the bedroom, the colors match the wallpaper perfectly.  

Hopefully it won't be another seven months before you hear from me again!


Giac said...

Good morning Elga,
It is wonderful to have you back. I hope 2015 will be an easier year for you and filled with great things. Your needlework leaves me in awe. It is stunning. As for the house it is coming along beautifully and I love the unfinished rooms already. Excellent work.
Big hug, you have been missed.

Caseymini said...

Welcome back Elga. You were missed! The house is coming along beautifully and the towels and new rug are amazing. Best wishes for the coming year!

Mini Southern Millworks said...

Its good to see you back Elga. I miss your post a lot


Catherine said...

I am so glad to see a new post from you Elga.
Your hand towel is beautiful. I love the swag of roses and crocheted edge.
The house is going to be gorgeous. I love the wallpaper you used in the bedroom.

Dorien Litjes said...

Dear Elga,
It's great to see you're back again. I love to read your blog and see the amazing tings you make.
Hugs Dorien

Josje said...

Yeah, she's back! Love the work you have done Elga, but I have already told you that.
It is interesting to see the house from different sides, it gives a much better idea of how it will be when finished. How big will the carpet be compared to the size of the bedroom?

Fabiola said...

Welcome back!
Your towel is elegant end very refined.

Ali said...

Wow Elga your little towel looks super and matches the wallpaper. Your making good progress on the rug too looking forward to seeing it progress. Hopefully 2015 is a better year for you. I also didn't get much mini stitching done last year just a couple of little pieces so here's hoping for both us more stitching time. Ali x

Isabel Ruiz Alonso said...

Esa toalla es una delicia.
La casa tiene un gran trabajo pendiente aún, pero ya se va viendo lo grande que será y las fantásticas ideas que tienes para ella.

miniaturista said...

Que preciosidad de toalla. Buen trabajo
Un abrazo

Pepper Mitcheson said...

It's great to see a post from you and so much progress with the build. I hope 2015 is a better year for you. Welcome back =0)

Doug S said...

Good Afternoon Elga! I was glad to see your post come through today. I've followed your blog with great interest since I found it, and was hoping you hadn't gone away! :0) I am excited about your Dutch house. I love your ideas, and look forward to seeing them come to fruition!


miraclechicken said...

Hi Elga! Your rug is mind boggling, and I love your house, but I am most struck by the beautiful towel, not just by the stitching but the way it hangs, you cannot see that it is miniature :) Perfect---

PILAR6373 said...

Que bien tenerte de vuelta por mundo de blogger!!!
Tu toalla es muy elegante,el bordado es finísimo.
Los avances de la casa son geniales,me gusta como te está quedando.
Esa alfombra es alucinante,gran trabajo,me encantará verla terminada!!!

Idske de Jong said...

Hi Elga,

Good to see you back here! Love the rug and the panels are lovely.
I still visited your blog whenever I needed to know something usually of the woodworking variety, that's the beauty of blogging!


Daydreamer said...

Hi Elga! It is good to see you are still working on your mini projects! Your work is always Amazing to see.... the stitching is Gorgeous and the furniture also is so Perfect! I hope you will have plenty of time for minis in the coming year!

rosanna said...

WElcome back Elga
I am glad to see you again, you and your fabulous works.
I wish troubled moments are well behind your back

Margaret said...

It is so nice to be back on blogger and see all the wonderful things I have missed. Your towel is stunning, love your Cape Dutch house and the rug is awesome, such fine stitching. Look forward to seeing updates.

Andy said...

Hello Elga, I have just had a similar experience myself! I must make more effort to work on my blog, and I miss seeing what every one has been up to too! I do admire how you make all of your miniatures from scratch and put so much detail into them!

Siru said...

Beautiful handworks! :)