Thursday, November 24, 2011

Sewing Table Drawer

The first drawer of five is finished, the partitions are made of  0.6mm thick wood and they are joined with tongue and groove joints, what a fiddly job!!!! I cut the writing quill down from a feather with scissors, I plan on raiding a bead shop soon to see what I can find to make ink bottles. The scissors are from Cats Paw Miniatures and I found mine in the Miniseum in Denmark when I visited there earlier this year just after Guild School.



Catherine said...

It is going to be a GREAT piece of furniture!!!

I am stil kicking myself for giving away a pair of 1: 12 scale 14 carat gold embroidery scissors I made. Gold has gone up so much I can't justify buying another sheet of it to make another pair.

Giac said...

Hello Elga,
as always your work is absolutely perfect! VERY nice job!
I can't wait to see the other drawers.

Victoria said...

Hi Elga,
Seems like a lots of hard work done! Just wondering 'cuz partition's thickness looks like 1mm to me. I usually work with 0,6 mm thick and from what I normally see it looks almost like a paper.

Best regards,

Elga said...

Catherine, oh boy, I have learned to think carefully before I buy or give things away!!!! I am sure it must have been a stunning pair of scissors.

Giac, 5 drawers because I am making 5 tables, each table will have two drawers and a candle slide!!!

Victoria, I can assure you the wood is 0.6 mm thick, I use a vernier all the time while using the thickness sander, Mopane wood has an amazing small grain and is one of the hardest there is, it is an African wood that grows in the north of South Africa and in the neighboring countries.

Amary said...

Hi Elga! I found your blog today, I love it! You do a wonderful job. The scissors are beautiful!