Friday, May 20, 2016

Time to catch up...Teaching Trips 2015

I have been incredibly busy since I last posted many moons ago. I thought it was high time to catch up.

In September and October of last year I went on two teaching trips, the first one in the lovely little coastal town of Betty's Bay in the Cape Province, South Africa where the annual South African Miniature Convention is held each year. Here is the hall where the classes were taught, lunch and dinner was served each day which made life a whole lot easier on the teachers and students.

I taught two furniture classes, a Georgian bedside table and a Georgian dressing table mirror, both date from the early 1800's.

Two students busy working on their mirrors.

And we had one student all the way from Seattle in the US, here she is working on her bedside table.

About two weeks later I went to Sweden And Norway to teach two different classes, in Sweden the French washstand that I have posted about before on my blog and in Norway the tilt and turn table that you have also seen on my blog.

First some photos of the class in Stockholm, one of my students recently send me this photo of her completed washstand.

The class in Norway was held at Fellow blogger Janne's cabin in the beautiful Norwegian mountains.

I had a fantastic time teaching in these three venues, the students were all eager to learn, and we had lots of fun and laughter in between all the hard work.

In my next post I will show you some of the places I visited in between teaching.