Sunday, May 3, 2015

18th Century Brass Latch

In my last post I told you about my class in Tune Denmark, making the wine decanter. When I came home I started working on and off on making a brass latch for my tilt and turn tea table that I made back in 2012, using all my newly acquired skills. Here is the finished table made of mopane wood.

The latch is based on a real antique latch from the 18th century, here is my mini version.

The body of the latch was made out of a solid piece of 2mm thick brass, with a 1,2mm hole drilled into it for the bolt part of the latch, I used a spring on the bottom end of the bolt to ensure that the latch will stay in the closed position...we don't want teacups flying all over the place :-) The tiny knob was turned on the lathe and threaded to screw into the hole that I drilled and tapped in the bolt.

And here it is finished and installed on the table.

Time for tea I think.

Have a great week everybody.